Diwali 2018 Home Decor & Cleaning: Follow These Tips on How to Keep Your Rugs and Carpets Dust-Free
How to keep rugs clean this Diwali. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

India is immersed in the joys of festivities back to back. Starting from September till the end of the year, festive occasions and wedding bells ring across the country. One of the most prominent and auspicious Hindu festivals, Diwali is in the offing and will be celebrated on November 7 in 2018. Diwali is one of the most awaited occasions in the country and the preparations have already started. Rugs and carpets can easily elevate the look of any home and add that touch of grandeur. So, make sure you are keeping them clean and fresh. Interior Decor Tips: Ways to Use Carpets as Wall Art to Add an Extra Dose of Glamour to Your Home.

Days before Diwali, people clean their house and decorate the house with lights and on the day of the festival, light diyas. The interiors of the house are further enhanced with beautiful rugs and carpets. While rugs are usually used for the floors, there are other ways as well you can style your house with fancy rugs and carpets. Angelique Dhama, Spokesperson and CMO at OBEETEE lists down some ways that ensures that your rugs are clean are ready to shine for the season.

1. Regular Vacuuming: Wool is a natural dust repellent. A regular vacuum of at least twice a week helps keep the carpet clean. Loop carpets are more delicate and should be vacuumed without brush. In case any thread comes over the surface, do not pull it out. Cut it with a scissor.

2. Cleaning stains: In case of drop or spillage on a carpet, put a blotting paper immediately over it. To minimize absorption into pile, press the spot from the sides for maximum removal. On tough spots, try with an equal amount of white vinegar and water. Club soda is appropriate thinner for coffee stains and red wine; corn-starch for grease; the iron and transfer method for candle wax; otherwise, contact a professional.

3. Avoid dust, dirt and moisture: Wet carpet leads to mould and mildew growth. Further, wet wool starts rotting with bad odor. Ensure proper aeration of the rug periodically.

4. Deodoriser: If you like to deodorize your carpets, avoid chemical-laden options and make your own with baking soda and a few drops of essential oil.

5. Storing: Keep few pouches of silica gel in the roll to keep it dry.

Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture also doles our tips of some smart makeover for your house:

1. Go wooden: Go for a wooden theme this year, for that added texture. Replace your old furniture with new wooden ones including the wall clock. Enrich it further by availing attractive upholstery and drapery options.

2. Accessorize: Accessorizing your house will accentuate the festive look to another notch. Ditch the conventional cushions and curtains. Go for elegant sofa tables, wall stands, and wooden coasters instead. Make sure that your interiors reflect who you are.

3. Bring in nature: One of the simplest ways is to head outdoors and collect elements for within. Place a bowl of fresh green rooted grass among your showpieces. Use houseplants, fresh boughs, garlands and citrus plants. This will not only give your house a beautiful green look but will also leave behind a heavenly fragrance.

4. Get artsy: Add an unexpected element to your traditional décor. Paint on your walls and hang lights around it. Make something out of scrap and use that as a centerpiece for either your living area or the dining table. This will help radiate an aesthetic vibe in your home.

5. Drapery of lights: There is nothing more celebratory than the glow of lights, be it through diyas and candles, or through dim LED bulbs. Apart from conventional hanging of LED lights, drape lights on every doorway, window sills, staircases and on the furniture sets for a warm festive ambiance.

This Diwali, apart from cleaning your house spic and span, make sure you use decorations that emanate the ongoing festive vibe. Use crafty and unconventional decorative items that will enhance the look of your house. So, if you haven't already started Diwali preps, now is the time. We hope that the expert's advice will come in handy during the festive season.

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