Indian Newspaper Day is celebrated to mark the commencement of newspapers in India. The main idea behind observing this day is to give a loud shout-out to Indian newspapers. In many houses in India, it is a tradition for people, especially men, to kickstart their day with a hot cup of chai in one hand and a newspaper in the other. While some grab a newspaper as a companion during their commute to and from work. Indian Newspaper Day is all about celebrating this paper that keeps us updated and brings us news from around the world every single day. So, as we celebrate this day, let’s also explore more about it. National Press Day Date in India: Know History and Significance of the Day Highlighting the Importance of Free and Independent Press.

Indian Newspaper Day 2024 Date

Indian Newspaper Day is celebrated on January 29.

Indian Newspaper Day History and Significance

Every year, we celebrate Indian Newspaper Day to commemorate India’s first ever newspaper, The Hicky’s Bengal Gazette. The newspaper was started by James Irishman Augustus Hicky, who is also considered the “Father of Indian Press.” The newspaper became popular as it carried unbiased opinions and news during the British Raj. It carried articles that called out General Hastings for all his wrongdoings. It made a big fuss about free speech in India, and it did not hold back on the criticism. The newspaper was a way for the common man to get regular and genuine news and updates on the people in charge. It bridged the gaps between those in charge and the common people. But when the Britishers realized that the newspaper posed a threat to their rule, they stopped its publication.

Hence, the whole idea of celebrating Indian Newspaper Day is to appreciate and understand the importance of reading a newspaper. Even the simple act of flipping through a newspaper’s pages can be meaningful.

The advent of digital news platforms has changed the way people read newspapers. The fast-paced nature of life has made reading newspapers a challenge. Indian Newspaper Day serves as a reminder for people to read newspapers the traditional way and to support the newspaper industry as well.

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