International Daughter’s Day is dedicated to daughters and all the love and affection they deserve. Celebrated on the fourth Sunday every September, International Daughter’s Day 2021 is commemorated on September 26. This celebration is celebrated with great excitement across the world. It is especially important in India, where people use this opportunity to raise awareness about the ways that a daughter enriches one’s life. As we prepare to celebrate International Daughter’s Day 2021, here is everything you need to know about this annual observance, how to celebrate International Daughter’s Day 2021 and more.

When is International Daughter’s Day 2021?

International Daughter’s Day 2021 will be celebrated on September 26. As mentioned before, this celebration is observed on the last Sunday in the month of September. Daughters' Day 2021 Wishes & HD Images With Quotes, Telegram Photos & GIFs To Celebrate International Daughters Day.

Significance of International Daughter’s Day

The main inspiration behind the celebration of International Daughter’s Day was to raise awareness about the struggles that daughters have faced for generations due to patriarchy. From the sheer discrimination that daughters faced for the longest time in their own homes to their battles with society and even law, there are various issues that daughters are subjected to. And while things are constantly changing, the road is still a long way in many parts of the world. And International Daughter’s Day celebration helps us get one step closer every single day.

How is International Daughter’s Day Celebrated?

The celebration of International Daughter’s Day is usually focused on raising awareness about the ways that a daughter fills one’s life with happiness. Many take this opportunity to go out with their daughters and remind them of the crucial place that they hold in their lives. Organising conferences and events to raise awareness about issues like female foeticide, discrimination etc. are all crucial.

We hope that you find your own special way of celebrating this day and doing your bit to help the cause. Happy International Daughter’s Day 2021.

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