International Fact-Checking Day is an important observance focused on countering the growing misinformation in the world by appreciating and encouraging fact-checking as a regular practice among one and all. International Fact-Checking Day 2024 will be celebrated on April 2. A fairly new observance introduced to counter the growing misinformation that spread online, this commemoration is extremely important to allow people to understand that not everything they read online is true. As we prepare to celebrate International Fact-Checking Day 2024, here is everything you need to know about this day, how to celebrate International Fact-Checking Day and more. April Fool’s Day: Why the Press Is Dialling Down April Fool’s Day Pranks, a Look at Changing Trends.

When is International Fact-Checking Day 2024?

International Fact-Checking Day was first celebrated on April 2, 2017. While the concept of International Fact-Checking Day was introduced in 2014 at the London School of Economics, the holiday was officially created in 2016. The date of Fact-Checking Day was chosen as April 2 as it followed April Fools’ Day - when people spread more misinformation in efforts to prank one another.

Significance of International Fact-Checking Day

Misinformation is one of the biggest challenges that people worldwide continue to face. While most of us assumed that increased access to the internet would make information more easily accessible, it has merely made people more prone to reading and believing unreliable and unverified posts and citing them as facts. Fact-checking has, therefore, become more important than ever. There are various fact-checking companies and media houses that have grown popular across the world and are focused on debunking myths and fake news that continue to spread. The observance of Fact-Checking Day aims to celebrate and appreciate everyone who is working tirelessly on this front. Search Fact Check Results About a Topic or Person.

We hope that Fact-Checking Day 2024 helps you to understand the ways to differentiate between facts and fake news and helps you to spread the practice of fact-checking amongst friends and family.

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