International Human Solidarity Day 2019: History and Significance of the Day That Celebrates Unity in Diversity
Happy International Human Solidarity Day 2019 (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Happy International Human Solidarity Day 2019, readers! The day is celebrated to promote awareness towards those people who are deprived of their human rights. The International Human Solidarity Day is a global event which is celebrated by many member nations of the United Nations (UN) annually. The day aims to promote a culture of solidarity those who are under or less privileged by those who are well-off.

International Human Solidarity Day is not just a symbolic gesture but is an event which aims to strike at the root cause of the societal ills prevalent in society. As the United Nations puts it, “It is in the spirit of solidarity that the Organization relies on cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character as well.” International Human Solidarity Day 2019 Quotes: Memorable Sayings on Solidarity That Is Much Needed in Present Times.

When will we celebrate International Human Solidarity Day 2019?

The International Human Solidarity Day, like every year, will be celebrated on December 20 this year too. The first such global event took place in 2005. Since then, the United Nations marks the celebrations of the event every year on different contemporary issues and social causes.

What is the significance of International Human Solidarity Day?

Let us first begin with why we celebrate this occasion, and what is the worldly event all about. The International Human Solidarity Day aims to celebrate the ‘unity in diversity’. It comes as a gentle but sincere reminder to countries across the world to fulfil their international goals and commitments.

The International Human Solidarity Day is observed to raise awareness towards the importance of the concept of solidarity. Its motive is to engage and educate youth towards the current problems of people of the backward classes, and how a little can go miles in helping their social cause.

The celebration of International Human Solidarity Day is also significant as it also encourages the general public to work towards common goals of eradicating poverty and hunger, right to education, access to basic amenities etc. The day strives to improve the current condition of society at large by solving both micro and macro problems. 

International Human Solidarity Day: Know The History And Significance Of This Day

We at LatestLY wish you all a very ‘Happy International Human Solidarity Day 2019’. We hope that you do your bit in the upliftment and betterment of the society at large.