Janmashtami or Krishna Janmashtami 2022 will be celebrated on August 18, Thursday, which will be followed by the Dahi Handi festival or Nandotsav on August 19, Friday. One of the biggest Hindu festivals marking the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Krishna falls on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha in Bhadrapada month. While the whole country dives into the festive spirit to celebrate the Hindu festival, North India observes Janmashtami with grandeur and marks the day with unparalleled joy and fervour that goes above and beyond. The Braj region is known for celebrating Janmashtami on a very grand scale with Mathura and Vrindavan being decked up with lights, embellishments and flowers on this festive day. Several popular temples are lit up in festive colours for Gokulashtami celebrations. From Krishna Janmashtami Temple in Mathura to Banke Bihari in Vrindavan, here's how you can watch live darshan of some famous temples on Janmashtami 2022. Get live streaming details from Mathura and Vrindavan below.

Though there are many prominent Krishna temples all over India, Mathura and Vrindavan hold significance due to their strong connection with Lord Krishna and his personal life. Mathura is the birthplace of Bal Gopal, who was born in an underground prison in the kingdom of Surasena that was ruled by his maternal uncle, Kansa. Meanwhile, Vrindavan is located in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, which is known to be the place where Lord Krishna spent most of his childhood days. The sacred temples in this region celebrate Janmashtami with great pomp and show. Special pujas are held at a magnificent scale, which also attracts devotees and tourists to the holy cities. Below, find how to watch live darshan online from Bankey Bihari Mandir, Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex, ISKCON and Dwarkadhish Temple on Gokulashtami.

Bankey Bihari Mandir, Vrindavan

Constructed around 1864, Bankey Bihari Temple is dedicated to the combined form of Radha and Krishna, known as Bankey Bihari. This temple represents the love and devotion of Radha and Krishna by Swami Haridasji. The unique darshan of the presiding deity makes it exceptional as curtains are drawn at certain intervals to pause the darshan for some time. It is believed that the viewer could lose consciousness if he/she looked at the idol for long. Participate in this distinctive darshan by clicking here to get the live streaming details of Shri Bankey Bihari. Janmashtami 2022 Decoration Ideas: How To Dress Kanha Ji and Decorate Laddu Gopal Jhula for the Festival, Easy and Beautiful Ways To Do It!

Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex, Mathura

It is a group of Hindu temples which are built in the location of the birthplace of Lord Krishna, who was born to Mata Devaki and Vasudeva in the prison cell. Keshavdev temple, Garbha Griha shrine and Bhagvat Bhavan are located at the Krishna Janmabhoomi temple. Lord Krishna's idol is bathed with milk and curd during Janmashtami and is decorated with traditional attire and expensive ornaments. If you want to experience the vibrant energy and observe the festive celebrations of this historic place, watch the video below to get live streaming details of Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex on Janmashtami 2022.

Watch Live Darshan of Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex

Shri Krishna Balaram Temple (ISKCON), Vrindavan

Also called ISKCON Temple, the Shri Krishna Balaram Temple is located in the Raman Reti area of Vrindavan. As the name suggests, the significant temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his elder brother Lord Balarama. This was the first temple built by ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) in India. Built in 1975, the construction makes it one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Vrindavan. In this shrine, Janmashtami is celebrated with vigour as devotees from all over the world visit the temple to witness its unparalleled beauty. Click here and get the live streaming details of Shri Krishna Balaram Temple. Watch the live darshan of this auspicious temple on Gokulashtami. Janmashtami 2022 Date in India: From Panjiri to Panchamrit, 6 Sweet Dishes To Add Flavours to the Hindu Festival Celebrating Lord Krishna’s Birth

Janmashtami 2022 Invitation by ISKCON, Vrindavan

Dwarkadhish Temple, Mathura

Its decorated construction and murals make it one of the most beautiful temples in the city. The idol of Lord Dwarkadhish, a form of Lord Krishna known as Dwarkanath, is kept in the shrine. Devotees offer flowers, Tulsi leaves and bhog to the holy idol of Lord Krishna. During Janmashtami, people get to cradle the idol of Bal Gopal in the Palana (crib). The festive day is observed with incredible joy and excitement in the famous temple. If you are looking forward to having a live darshan of this prominent attraction of Mathura, click here.

Happy Janmashtami 2022! May you get to see the spectacular celebrations that take place in Mathura and Vrindavan during Gokulashtami. Get the online streaming details of the popular shrines to watch live darshan and make the most out of this important festival.

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