Mumbai, April 3: Muslims in India and around the world are currently observing dawn-to-dusk fast daily during the holy month of Ramadan. They will also observe Jumu'atul-Wida, also spelt as Jumma Tul Wida and known as Alvida Juma, this week. Jumu'atul-Wida, literally translating to "Friday of Farewell", is observed on the last Friday of Ramadan.  On this day, Muslims express both sadness at the approaching end of Ramadan and a deep sense of gratitude for its blessings. If you are looking for Jumu'atul-Wida 2024 date in India, Saudi Arabia and other countries, and want to learn about its history and significance, this piece has everything for you.

Jumu'atul-Wida 2024 Date: As mentioned above, Jumu'atul-Wida is observed on the last Friday of the Ramadan month. The last Friday of Ramadan shall fall on April 5. Hence, Muslims in India, Saudi Arabia and other countries shall observe Jumu'atul-Wida 2024 on April 5. Eid 2024 Date in India: When Is Eid Ul Fitr? When Is Chand Raat or Shawwal 1445 Moon Sighting? All Details Here.

Jumu'atul-Wida History and Significance:

The specific historical origin of Jumu'atul-Wida observance is not documented. However, the day holds special significance for the Muslim community. They see Jumu'atul-Wida as the last opportunity to intensify prayers in the final phase of Ramadan and before the festival of Eid al-Fitr. Traditionally, Muslims attend Friday prayers in mosques in larger numbers on Jumu'atul-Wida and reflect on their deeds throughout Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr 2024 Date: When Is Shawwal Moon Sighting or Ramzan Chand Raat? Check Tentative Eid Ul Fitr Dates in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Other Gulf Countries.

In their addresses on the day of Jumu'atul-Wida, the Imams urge Muslims to remember the lessons learned from Ramadan and maintain a connection with Allah throughout the year via prayers. This day provides an opportunity to cherish the spiritual gains made during Ramadan and commit to carrying them forward. On Jumu'atul-Wida, Muslims also express gratitude for the blessings received in the form of Ramadan and prepare to bid a farewell to the holy month.

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