Jur Sital, also known as Maithil New Year, is celebrated on the first day of the Maithil New Year, also called "Aakhar Bochhor". It is celebrated by the Maithilis in Bihar, Jharkhand, and even Nepal. The celebration of the New Year usually falls on April 14, according to the Gregorian calendar. Maithils follow various traditions to celebrate this occasion, like eating "Bari" (made from mixing Dahi, Gram flour and spices) with "Bhaat" (Steamed Rice) on the day. The festival is also famous with the names of Nirayana Mesh Sankranti and Tirhuta New Year. As this year's Jud Shital festival, a folk celebration of Mithila, is approaching, here is its meaning, significance, and history. Hindu New Year's Days 2024 Dates in Different States: Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Puthandu, Vishu & Jur Sital: Enjoy the Colourful Mosaic of India's Harvest Festivals.

Jur Sital 2024: Its Meaning, Origin and Significance

The Maithil New Year 2024, also known as Jur Sital, will be celebrated on April 14, i.e., Sunday. The festival gets its name from the words "Jur," meaning staying connected, and "Sital," meaning cool. The kitchen is closed on this occasion as people pray for the "Chulha" during the harvest festival. They clean and seal the kitchen until the festival is over.

Jur Sheetal, also called Jud Sheetal, is a traditional harvest festival celebrated mainly in North India, particularly in Bihar, to mark the beginning of the summer season. This harvest celebration is observed differently in other parts of the country, such as Bihu, Baishakhi, or Pohela Boishak in West Bengal.

Jur Sital 2024 Rituals and Celebration

In Bihar, the festival of Satuani is celebrated before Jur Sital, as it marks the beginning of summer and the sun's entry into Aries according to the Hindu calendar. The festival involves eating "Sattu" made out of lentil flour. During Jud Shital, which starts from Satuani, it is customary to sprinkle water on the roads for a whole month.

In addition, it is expected to water trees from small to large and sprinkle water on basil trees to provide oxygen and draw attention to vegetation conservation during changing weather. They prepare traditional food, generally green mango (kairi), crude onions, cucumbers, chillies, jaggery, or mango chutney. These foods usually include kairi, raw onions, cucumbers, chillies, jaggery, or mango chutney. These items are known for great summer coolers and are ideal for the intense Indian heat that follows.

Jur Seetal, or Maithil New Year, also known as Aakhar Bochhor, is celebrated by the Maithili community in Nepal and the Mithila region in Bihar. It is a significant festival celebrating the harvest's God and Goddess. The day is celebrated before the Satuani festival and is a way of showing gratitude for a good harvest and praying for a prosperous New Year.

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