Lohri is a popular winter folk festival celebrated primarily in Northern India, especially in the state of Punjab. As the bonfires blaze and the fervour of Lohri 2024 fills the air, embracing this joyous Punjabi festival comes with its set of customs and etiquettes. Here's a guide on the Dos and Don'ts to ensure a respectful and auspicious celebration of Lohri: Lohri 2024: When and How To Celebrate the Harvest Festival of Punjab This Year.


  • Partake in the Bonfire Festivities: Join the spirited celebrations around the bonfire, sing traditional songs, and dance to the beats of the dhol. Embrace the communal joy and warmth of the occasion.
  • Offer Reverence to the Fire: As offerings are made to the bonfire, offer your respects and prayers to the fire, symbolizing the spirit of gratitude and renewal.
  • Share Sweets and Savories: It is customary to share traditional sweets like gajak, rewari, and popcorn, symbolising the essence of togetherness and sharing happiness with loved ones and neighbours.
  • Dress in Traditional Attire: Embrace the festivity by dressing in traditional Punjabi attire like colourful salwar suits or kurta pyjamas. It adds to the celebratory spirit of Lohri.
  • Gifts and Generosity: Exchange gifts, especially among family and friends, as a gesture of love, good luck and appreciation. Consider gifting items like sweets, dry fruits, or traditional accessories.


  • Waste Food or Resources: Avoid wastage of food and resources. As you celebrate, ensure that the festivities are sustainable and environmentally conscious.
  • Disrespectful Behavior: Refrain from any disrespectful or offensive behaviour, and maintain a considerate and amiable demeanour with everyone present.
  • Negative Vibes: Keep negative thoughts or discussions at bay. Lohri signifies positivity, so maintain a cheerful and joyful ambience.
  • Overindulgence: While indulging in the celebratory feast, avoid excessive consumption of food or drinks. Enjoy in moderation.
  • Disregard for Tradition: Respect the cultural significance of Lohri by following traditions and customs. Engage in rituals with sincerity and reverence.

Lohri, a festival steeped in culture and warmth, is a time of merriment and community bonding. Following these dos and don'ts ensures that the celebrations are not only enjoyable but also respectful and in line with the essence of this vibrant festival. Embrace the traditions, spread joy, and cherish the unity and warmth that Lohri brings to your life and those around you.

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