Lohri 2024 will be celebrated on Sunday, January 14 this year. Also known as Lohadi or Lal Loi, it is a popular Punjabi folk festival that marks the passing of the winter solstice. On January 14, the Lohri Sankranti Moment is at 02:54 AM on January 15. The annual festival marks the end of winter and is a welcome of longer days and the sun's journey to the Northern Hemisphere. The festival holds great cultural and religious significance and is linked to the Punjab region. Traditionally, popular folklore links Lohri to the tale of Dulla Bhatti, a legendary figure who is associated with the festival. He is considered a hero in Punjabi folklore and is often revered during Lohri festivities. First Lohri Celebration Ideas: From Lohri Puja to Bonfire Gatherings, Here's How To Celebrate Lohri 2024.

Legend of Dulla Bhatti

As per traditions, the central theme of many Lohri songs is the legend of Dulla Bhatti (Rai Abdullah Bhatti), who was a nobleman known for his bravery and generosity. He lived in Punjab during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar and was regarded as a hero in Punjab for rescuing girls from being forcibly taken to be sold in the market of the Middle East. Amongst the ones he saved, two girls, Sundri and Mundri, gradually became a theme of Punjab's folklore.

According to folklore, Dulla Bhatti was known for rescuing girls who were forcibly taken away or abducted and then married off to suitable grooms. As a part of Lohri festivities, kids go around homes on the day of Lohri, singing the traditional folk songs of Lohri and praising Dulla Bhatti's courage and generosity. Lohri 2024: When and How To Celebrate the Harvest Festival of Punjab This Year.

Songs Based on Dulla Bhatti Legacy

Lohri is celebrated a day before Maghi (Makar Sankranti) and usually falls in January in the Gregorian calendar. During the festival of Lohri, which marks the end of winter and the arrival of longer days, people gather around a bonfire, sing traditional songs, dance, and exchange greetings and sweets.

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