Narasimha Jayanti is an auspicious festival for Hindus around the globe. People celebrate this auspicious day every year with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. The festival celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Vishnu's fourth form, which is Lord Narasimha. This day is also called Narasimha Chaturdashi. It marks the day when Lord Vishnu took the form of a half-lion and half-man. Lord Narasimha came into being at sunset on the fourteenth day of the bright part of the month, called Vaishakha. This year, Narasimha Jayanti 2024 falls on May 21, 2024. Lord Narasimha came to Earth with the body of a human and the head of a lion to defeat Hiranyakashipu, a strong demon. The day Lord Narasimha appeared in this special form of half-man and half-lion is celebrated as Narasimha Jayanti. Happy Sri Narasimha Jayanti Wishes, Greetings and Quotes: HD Images, Wallpapers, Greetings, Lord Narasimha Photos & Telegram Messages to Celebrate the Day.

Narasimha Jayanti 2024 Date and Parana Time

Narasimha Jayanti 2024 will be celebrated on May 21, Tuesday. Narasimha Jayanti parana time will be before 12:35 PM, May 22, according to Drik Panchang.

Narasimha Jayanti 2024 Puja Time

According to Drik Panchang, Narasimha Jayanti Sayana Kala Puja Time - 04:31 PM to 07:08 PM. Duration - 02 Hours 37 Mins

Narasimha Jayanti Mythological Story

According to legends, Lord Narasimha came to save his devotee Prahlada from his father, Hiranyakashipu, who had a powerful blessing, making him hard to kill. But Lord Narasimha, neither man nor animal, emerged from a pillar and killed Hiranyakashipu at dusk, following all the tricky conditions of the blessing. With this act, he showed the strength and wisdom of God. On Narasimha Jayanti, people fast till dusk and pray for the Lord's protection. They also perform special ceremonies for His worship in the morning and evening.

Narasimha Jayanti Significance

Narasimha Jayanti is a special day celebrating the birth of Lord Narasimha. It's a time to remember how good triumphs over evil. Lord Narasimha once saved his devotee, Prahlad, from a raging fire, showing his immense power. On this day, devotees worship Lord Narasimha. They believe that seeking his blessings on this day brings protection from harm, dangers, and legal troubles.

As we celebrate Narasimha Jayanti, let us reflect on the power of faith and the victory of good over evil. May the blessings of Lord Narasimha continue to protect each and every one from harm and guide us on the path of righteousness throughout the year.

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