National Honey Bee Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of August every year in the United States. Therefore, this year it falls on August 21, Saturday. The original day of observation was August 22, 2009. It is an awareness day when beekeepers, beekeeping clubs and association and honey bee enthusiasts from the United States celebrate honey bees and recognise their contribution to humans' everyday lives as a means of protecting the species.

As stated by the organisers, the National Honey Bee Day program was started with a simple concept - 'Bring together beekeepers, bee associations, as well as other interested groups to connect with the communities to advance beekeeping. By working together and harnessing the efforts that so many already accomplish, and using a united effort one day a year, the rewards and message is magnified many times over. We encourage bee associations, individuals, and other groups to get involved. The program is free and open to all' . Why Bees Are Important For the Survival of the Human Race

Human are not just dependent on honey bees for honey or wax but commercial fruits and vegetables like blueberries, raspberries, apples, strawberries etc. are also dependent on the pollination of bees. Therefore, it is very important to take care that these species don't go extinct. To make sure, you can opt for the following ways that will save bees.

1. Plant bee-friendly flowers

While designing your garden, make sure to add some local native plants in variety of different colours. Support a range of different pollinators throughout the different seasons.

2. Become a beekeeper

Get friendly with these tiny little creatures. There would not be any better way to save the bees.

3. Create a bee bath

Fill a bowl with clean water and place some pebbles and stones in it. Provide them with a refreshing drink after a long journey here and there.

4. Fund and support local beekeepers and organisations

Local beekeepers work hard to protect the bees. You can give them time, resources or even monetary donations to help their programs grow.

5. Say no to Chemicals and sprays

Use natural alternatives like garlic, onion, salt spray, pepper spray etc. instead of chemical sprays. Keep the bees away but do not kill them.

Honey bees play a very important role in pollinations due to their size, shape and ability to vibrate. Humans will face a serious survival crisis if these bees get extinct. Therefore this National Honey Bee Day, pledge to save them by adopting our methods. Happy National Honey Bee Day!

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