How often have you read poetries that have moved you? Have you shared the few lines that cast an impression on you? To celebrate this very ability of poetry to spark conversations and share more such thoughts, National Poetry Day is marked every year in the UK. Observed on the first Thursday of October, it falls on October 1 this year. It is an annual celebration that encourages all to enjoy, discover and share poetry. Let us more details about the theme, significance and celebrations of this day. On Poet's Day 2020, Learn a Few Tips and Tricks to Start Writing Beautiful Poetry and Express Yourself.

Date and Theme

National Poetry Day is the annual mass celebration on the first Thursday of October. So it will be marked today, October 1. Every year there is a theme to it and people can share their writings based on it. This year's theme for National Poetry Day 2020 is Vision.

Significance and Celebrations

National Poetry Day may be marked annually today in the UK but it has a global presence since the medium of poetry is for everyone. The observance infuses poetry into every area of the nation. Schools, businesses to coffee shops, poets write their poems or recite the best ones. Forward Arts Foundation is a charity that celebrates poetry and increases awareness about this medium of expression. World Poetry Day 2020: Quotes and Lines by Famous Poets That Describe The Beauty of This Literary Art.

Poetry allows each one to creatively express themselves. There are so many different forms to it as well, it could be a few lines and still be impactful. One of the programs includes making an annual anthology of the year's best poems. The entire idea is to connect poets and strengthen the community. It shows how poetry can add its own value to one's thoughts and also encourage society.

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