National Statistics Day is dedicated to celebrating statistics - the tool that is essential in almost every phase of life but hardly ever gets recognised. Numbers and statistics are often seen as these really complicated and intense subjects that many run away from. The celebration of National Statistics Day aims to combat this. National Statistics Day 2022 will be celebrated on June 29. As we prepare for this observance, here is everything you need to know about National Statistics Day, the significance of this observance and how to celebrate it. Interesting Facts About Statistician Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis.

When is National Statistics Day 2022?

National Statistics Day 2022 will be celebrated on June 29. This annual celebration marks the birthday of the statistician Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, an Indian scientist and statistician best remembered for the Mahalanobis distance, a statistical measure, and for being one of the members of the first Planning Commission of free India.

Significance of National Statistics Day

India has a long history of making landmark contributions to the world of arithmetic and statistics. Even so, the field does not receive the credit it deserves. To tackle this, the celebration of National Statistics Day is essential. This celebration is empowered by the central government agency and is happily celebrated by statisticians across the country. Data has the power to show the reality in a time when we are clouded by perceptions because data cannot lie. And this is the reason that statistics are more important than ever.

To celebrate National Statistics Day, many people share various fun facts and stats that were an eye-opener for them. Another popular practice which can be undertaken on this day is reading brilliant books that are based on statistics, from the internationally acclaimed Factfullness to Indian gems like Whole Numbers and Half Truth by Rukmini S and the statistical bestseller that shows numbers can be fun - Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh by Shrayana Bhattacharya, the options are endless. We hope that you take this opportunity to understand the importance of numbers and statistics and appreciate it more than anything else. Happy National Statistics Day 2022!

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