The festive celebration of nine days of Navaratri has begun since October 17 this year. It will culminate with the celebration of Dussehra on October 25. Today, October 24 is the eighth day of Navaratri and each day of Navaratri celebration is dedicated to worshipping nine manifestations of Goddess Durga Maa. The eighth day of Navratri which falls today, worships Goddess Mahagauri manifestation of Devi Durga Maa. This day is also called as the Maha Ashtami. Each day has an associated colour to denote the celebrations, so the colour for Navratri 2020 Day 8 is Peacock Green. The entire festival of Navaratri celebrates the idea of the victory of good over evil when Maa Durga killed the demon of Mahishasura. Durga Ashtami 2020 Images & HD Wallpapers for Free Download Online: Wish Happy Maha Ashtami With WhatsApp Stickers and GIF Greetings During Durga Puja.

According to Hindu mythology, Devi Shailaputri was extremely fair at the age of 16. She was beautiful and blessed with a fair complexion. But of her extremely white complexion she gets the name of Mahagauri. Because of her complexion she is compared with the moon, conch and the white flowers of Kunda. Worshipping the Goddess Mahagauri on the eighth day of Navaratri is said to give a good blessing from her. Navratri 2019 Day 8 Colour Purple: Alia Bhatt to Hina Khan, Take Style Cues From These Celebs to Look Ultra Glam.

Maa Mahagauri Puja Vidhi, Mantra and Prarthana

Mahagauri's puja takes place on the eighth day of Navaratri. Devottees get up early, take bath and first perform Ganesh Puja. After that the Kalash of Navratri is worshipped along with idol of Mahagauri. Mantras and prayers praising the Goddess are chanted. The idol is wrapped with red colour cloth and after that mantra's and prayers are performed.

Mahagauri Mantra-॥ Om Devi Mahagauryai Namah॥

Mahagauri Prarthana -॥ Shwete Vrishesamarudha Shwetambaradhara Shuchih। Mahagauri Shubham Dadyanmahadeva Pramodada॥

Maa Mahagauri is also known as Shwetambardhara because she wears only white clothes. The vehicle of Goddess Mahagauri is a bull. She carries Trishul in one right hand and keeps the second right hand in Abhaya Mudra. She adorns Damaru in the one left hand and keeps the second left hand in Varada Mudra. On the eighth day of Navratri, pay your respects to Goddess Mahagauri and do not forget to adorn peacock green coloured clothes. We wish you a very happy Navratri 2020!

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