Going commando is a liberating feeling! Imagine not having to wear undergarments for a day? While many may be scared of accidents and unfortunate wardrobe mishaps, some cannot contain their happiness thinking about not having to wear undergarments for a day. Every year June 22 is observed as National No Panty Day and as the name suggests, on this day you can skip your panties and carry on with your day. Which means you an step out of the house may be wearing your jeans and no panties, or just stay back at home without your panties or anything. You can actually do whatever you wish, but let's talk about this interesting day!

History and Significance of National No Panty Day

There are many theories about National No Panty day. While it is not known for sure how this day came into existence but it is said to have started during the mid-1980s. While the idea behind this day is to make women feel liberated and not having to give in to the social norm. It is said that panties first appeared in the 12th century but even until the 14th century not wearing undergarments underneath the clothes was considered a good thing.

Panties gained popularity in the 18th century, and slowly as panties evolved with embroidery, laces, frills, bows etc.  soon a day was dedicated to commemorating earlier times without panties. Well, this is just one of the theories, some believe that it was a challenge where people would consider it to be daring to not wear undergarments and walk out in public places.

However, in today's world, it is said to be aimed at referring to the freedom of women and their choice to dress. It really doesn't require compulsory participation but the day stands for women and their liberation.

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