No Panty Day is an annual observance, observed on June 22, where women worldwide choose to go commando. This choice is considered an act of liberation and helps women be free. No Panty Day 2022 celebration is sure to be one funky affair. While the No Panty Day celebration's history is unknown, thousands of women worldwide enjoy indulging in this fun and different holiday. As we prepare to celebrate No Panty Day 2022 on June 22, here is everything you need to know about this event, how to commemorate No Panty Day 2022 and more. From Beyoncé in Skin-Baring Sheer Tulle Evening Gown to Kim K’s See-Through Dress, 7 Celebrities Who Went Commando!

Why is No Panty Day Celebrated?

As the name suggests, No Panty Day is a day where women choose to say no to their panties and go commando. The act of going commando is a common practice for some based on various factors. However, No Panty Day gives a reason for women all over the world to do this. While the history of No Panty Day is not particularly known, the garment became immensely popular in the mid-1980s. According to history, not wearing panties was the norm in the 14th century. There are also multiple arguments on how going commando can help maintain good health and hygiene. No Panty Day celebration helps people to have these conversations more openly.

How to celebrate No Panty Day?

The celebration of No Panty Day is quite simple. Women simply choose to wear no panties, and that is all that is needed for this celebration. Many women also take this time to speak about various hygiene practices as well as the benefits of going commando, among other important and interesting topics. However, as long as these conversations are consensual, the practices and conversations on No Panty Day can be very beneficial.

It is also important to acknowledge that just the observance of this holiday should not pressure anyone into going commando. The idea of the No Panty Day celebration is to help women feel free and liberated, so whatever one chooses to do to feel liberated is the optimal way of celebrating No Panty Day!

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