Ratha Saptami, also known as Magha Saptami or Achala Saptami, is celebrated by the Hindu community across India. The auspicious festival falls on the seventh day (Saptami) in the bright half (Shukla Paksha) of the Hindu month Magha, corresponding to January or February in the Gregorian calendar. Ratha Saptami symbolises the change of season to spring and the start of the harvesting season. For most Indian farmers, it is an auspicious beginning of the New Year. The festival is observed by all Hindus in their houses and in temples dedicated to Surya, the Sun God. Here's everything you need to know about Ratha Saptami 2023 date, Shubh Muhurat, history, significance, Puja rituals and celebrations. January 2023 Holidays Calendar With Major Indian Festivals & Events: List of Important Dates in the First Month of the Year.

Ratha Saptami 2023 Date

  • Ratha Saptami 2023 Date: Saturday, January 28, 202
  • Snan Muhurat on Ratha Saptami: 05:10 am to 06:49 am on January 28
  • Saptami Tithi Begins at 09:10 am on January 27 and ends on January 28, 08:43 am

Ratha Saptami Rituals

According to religious beliefs, it is believed that Lord Surya Dev started enlightening the whole world on Ratha Saptami day. This day is considered the birthday of God Surya; hence, the day is also known as Surya Jayanti. Ratha Saptami is considered an auspicious day for donating activities (Dan-Punya activities). It is believed that devotees can get rid of sins by worshipping Lord Surya and observing a fast on this day. Hindu Festivals 2023 Dates’ List for PDF Download Online.

On Ratha Saptami, devotees should take a bath during Arunodaya as Ratha Saptami Snan is one of the important rituals. Arunodaya period prevails for four Ghatis before sunrise. Taking a bath before sunrise during Arunodaya keeps one healthy and free from all types of ailments. Due to this belief, Ratha Saptami is also known as Arogya Saptami. After taking a bath, one should worship Lord Surya during sunrise by offering water (Arghyadan) to Lord Surya from a small Kalash with folded hands in a standing position. After this, devotees should light a ’Diya’ with ghee and worship Sun God with Kapoor, Dhup, and red flowers. It is said that devotees who take a bath in the morning and offer Arghyadan to Suryadev are blessed with long life, good health and prosperity.

Ratha Saptami Significance

The occasion marks Surya's birth and is celebrated as Surya Jayanti. God Vishnu, in his form as Surya (the Sun God), is usually worshipped on this day. It is symbolically represented in the form of the Sun God Surya turning his Ratha (Chariot) drawn by seven horses (representing seven colours) towards the northern hemisphere, in a north-eastern direction.

Ratha Saptami Celebrations

As per the Hindu religion, it is believed that Lord Surya Dev started enlightening the whole world on this day. People visit temples dedicated to Lord Surya, where Ratha Sapthami is celebrated with great pomp. The most popular one is the World Heritage Site of the Konark Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha. Another sun temple in Odisha, the Biranchinarayan Temple, Buguda, Ganjam District, is also famous.

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