Surya Pongal, also known as Thai Pongal, is the second day of the four-day Pongal festival celebrated in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. It usually falls in January each year and is dedicated to the Sun God, Lord Surya, as a gesture of gratitude for a bountiful harvest. It is the first day of the Tamil calendar month, Tai, and coincides with Makar Sankranti. This year, Surya Pongal 2024 or Thai Pongal 2024 will be celebrated on Monday, January 15, 2024. The Thai Pongal Sankranti Moment is at 02:54 AM on the same day. Families perform special prayers and rituals dedicated to the Sun God and offer the newly cooked Pongal, fruits, flowers, and sugarcane to the Sun God, seeking blessings for a prosperous year ahead. In this article, get all the details about Surya Pongal 2024 date, the significance and celebrations related to Thai Pongal and more. Pongal 2024 Offerings to Sun God: From Pongal to Fruits, Food To Offer to Sun God During The Auspicious Celebrations.

Surya Pongal 2024 Date

Surya Pongal 2024 or Thai Pongal 2024 will be celebrated on Monday, January 15, 2024.

Surya Pongal Significance

Surya Pongal holds great significance as the day marks the start of the Uttarayana when the sun enters the 10th house of the zodiac Makara (Capricorn). The occasion is celebrated with family and friends, with the Pongal dish prepared in a traditional earthen pot in an open space in the view of the sun. The pot is typically decorated by tying a turmeric plant or flower garland, and near the cooking stove are placed two or more tall fresh sugarcane stalks. As per tradition, the Pongal dish is first offered to Lord Surya and Lord Ganesha and then shared with the gathered friends and family. When Is Mattu Pongal 2024? Know Date and Significance of the Festival Celebrated on the Third Day of the Pongal Festival in Tamil Nadu.

Surya Pongal Celebrations

Surya Pongal is a joyous occasion that celebrates prosperity and togetherness. Families come together to share the Pongal dish, exchange gifts, and enjoy the festive time. It's a time to express gratitude for the harvest and invoke blessings for a prosperous year ahead. On the day of Surya Pongal, Tamilians decorate their homes with banana and mango leaves and embellish the entrance space before homes, corridors, or doors with decorative floral patterns using coloured rice flour called kolams. This is done to welcome prosperity and good luck into the household. People dress in their traditional attire and have a joyous time with family and friends.

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