Vishu Kani is the annual festival marked with great enthusiasm and zeal across Kerala. While it is not technically the Malayalam New Year, the celebration is grand. An integral part of the Vishu celebration is Vishu Kani - the platter that celebrates and showcases the spring season harvest. Vishu Kani 2024 will be marked on April 14. Preparing the Vishu Kani in time for the festival is an integral part of the celebration. Referring to the Vishu Kani items list comes in handy for this. People often refer to the list of Vishu Kani items in Malayalam to understand the integral items that make Vishu Kani 2024 special. Vishu 2024 Date, Rituals and Vishu Kani Significance: All You Need To Know About the Malayalam New Year Celebrations.

While April 14 usually marks the Hindu New Year for many people, Keralites celebrate New Year on Chingam 1. Vishu falls on the first day of the month of Medam in the Malayalam Calendar. The festival is marked by family time when colourful auspicious items are prepared and viewed as the first thing on Vishu day (Vishukkani). An integral part of the Vishu Kanni celebration is displaying the golden blossoms of the Indian laburnum (Kani Konna). Other bountiful spring harvests are also kept on display in the Kani display. Vishu Food Items: Traditional Sweet and Savoury Dishes To Relish on Malayalam New Year.

Vishu Kani (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Vishu Kani is often placed on a plate in front of a mirror. It is believed that seeing the reflection of the bountiful harvests, wealth, and blossoms will help one seek these things in the coming seasons. Other integral items that are placed on the kani are money or silver items, cloth (pattu), a mirror, rice, coconut, cucumber, fruits, and other harvest products. As we prepare to celebrate Vishu 2024, here is the Vishu Kani Items List in Malayalam to help you prepare better.

List of Vishu Kani items in Malayalam

1. uruli (traditional cookware in bronze),

2. nilavilakku (traditional lamp),

3. kanikkonna (golden shower flowers),

4. kanivellari (golden cucumber),

5. mangoes,

6. jackfruit,

7. rice,

8. coins,

9. mirrors,

10. gold and silver ornaments,

11. mundu or dhoti,

12. Sacred text,

13. kanmashi (kohl),

14. vermillion and

15. ashtamangalyam (a set of eight auspicious objects)

The celebration of Vishu Kani is a family affair. People get together, prepare special feasts, and indulge in scrumptious meals. The celebration also includes the preparation and consumption of the traditional Sadya feast. We hope that Vishu 2024 brings you and your family all the good luck and prosperity.

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