Bohag Bihu, or Rongali Bihu, is a traditional ethnic festival celebrated in the Northeastern Indian state of Assam. The festival marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year and is celebrated with great by the indigenous ethnic groups of Assam. It usually falls in the 2nd week of April, signifying harvest time. It is a seven-day festival that involves various rituals and traditions. Bohag Bihu 2024 will be celebrated this year on April 14, and the festivities will continue till April 20. On this auspicious day, people celebrate the beginning of the harvesting season. Rongali Utsav is a festival organised in Guwaorganisedy year, showcasing the tribal culture of Assam to the world. Bohag Bihu is a joyous festival characterised by characteristics, cultural events, and traditional practices. Bohag Bihu History & Significance: From Puja Vidhi to Rituals, Everything About the Assam's Spring Harvest Festival.

Bohag Bihu 2024 Start and End Dates

Bohag Bihu 2024 celebrations will start on Sunday, April 14, and continue until Saturday, April 20.


The Bohag Bihu festival is very important for the people of Assam as it marks the onset of the Assamese New Year. It usually falls in mid-April and coincides with the month of Bohag in the Assamese calendar. This day is considered the new beginning and start of the year. Bohag Bihu Dishes: From Masor Tenga to Joha Saulor Payox, 5 Dishes for a Delicious Traditional Dinner.

On this day, Husori, a traditional Assamese folk dance, is performed by young men and women in groups. They visit houses in their community, sing traditional Bihu songs, and perform dances to spread joy and happiness. Like other festivals, Bohag Bihu is also a time for feasting. Hence, on this day, Assamese cuisine, including various traditional dishes and sweets, is prepared and shared among family members and neighbours.

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