Udhauli Parva is an annual festival that is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm in Nepal. The auspicious occasion falls on the night of the full moon in the month of Mangsir, the eighth month in the Nepali calendar, which is December in the Gregorian calendar. This year, Udhauli Parva 2023 will be celebrated on December 8. The festival of Udhauli Parva is celebrated especially by the Kirat communities in Sunuwar, Limbu, Thami, Yakkha, and Khambu Rai regions in Nepal. The festival marks the migration of the Kirat Rai community from the higher altitudes to the lower plains or valleys. This festival commemorates the changing of seasons and the start of winter. The Kirat community marks this festival by expressing gratitude to Mother Earth for the bountiful harvest. As Udhauli Parva 2023 nears, here’s all you need to know about the history and significance of the auspicious festival of Nepal.

Udhauli Parva 2023 Date

Udhauli Parva 2023 will be celebrated on Friday, December 8.

Know About the Festival Celebrated by Kirat Communities

Udhauli Parva is a significant festival celebrated by the Kirat Rai community, indigenous people residing in various parts of Nepal, India, and Bhutan. The festival marks the start of the winter season, during which people, birds, and animals migrate from cold regions to warmer ones. It's mainly celebrated in the eastern region of Nepal by dancing an exotic dance called Sakela or commonly known as Chandi. The popular dance is performed in a circle with the beat of Dhol/drum, Jhyamta/cymbals, etc. December 2023 Holidays Calendar With Major Festivals & Events.

During Udhauli Parva, various rituals, cultural performances, dances, and ceremonies take place to honour and appease deities and seek blessings for a good harvest, prosperity, and well-being. Udhauli Parva is celebrated around the world by Kirati people every year, marking the downward migration phase towards the low-elevation regions when the winter season arrives. The migration from the low-elevation areas upwards to hilly areas is called Ubhauli (upwards), and from the higher altitudes to the lower plains or valleys is called Udhauli (downwards).

The annual festival of these communities is celebrated with traditional music, dance forms like Sakela, and other cultural events are integral parts of the festival. Udhauli Parva holds great significance as it plays a crucial role in preserving the Kirat Rai cultural heritage and traditions.

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