New Year 2024 will begin on January 1. This annual commemoration has been one of the most important global celebrations as people come together to commemorate the end of another year and welcome the New Year 2024 with all the hope and love they can muster. But one must often question, Why Does the New Year Start on January 1? Well, the answer to this can surprise many. It is interesting to note that January 1 was not always the date that New Year began. In fact, there are various cultures worldwide that still have their own personal New Year celebrations that are spread across the year. January 1 marks the beginning of the New Year, according to the Gregorian Calendar. This is the reason people shower Happy New Year 2024 wishes and messages on this day. Which Country Will Celebrate New Year 2024 First and Last? Know When January 1 Begins Around the World at Different Time Zones.

Why Does the New Year Start on January 1?

As mentioned before, January 1 is the first day of the year, according to the Gregorian Calendar. Since it is one of the most globally accepted calendars, the celebration of New Year on January 1 became a common observance. The Gregorian Calendar started on February 24, 1582. Before this, the Julian Calendar was the most popular form of calendar, and New Year celebrations actually took place around the start of spring.

New Year’s Day And April Fools Day

Before the celebration of New Year became widely accepted on January 1, in the Middle Ages, New Year's Day was celebrated on 25 March in most European towns, with a holiday that, in some areas of France, specifically, ended on 1 April. Due to this, Many people continued to celebrate New Year’s on April 1, even after the Gregorian Calendar was formed. Many believe that this is the practice that led to the emergence of celebrating All Fools’ Day on April 1. Kiribati Becomes First Country To Enter New Year 2024: Christmas Island in Kiribati, in the Pacific Ocean First Place To Bid Farewell to 2023.

We hope that this information helps you celebrate New Year 2024 with all the love, light, and happiness that you deserve. The celebration has grown to be something that many people worldwide look forward to because it is one of the few rare opportunities where the whole world comes together to celebrate something.

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