World Hijab Day 2019: Why Women Wear Hijab
File image of UK Muslim women wearing the hijab | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

World Hijab Day 2019 marks the sixth occasion of the event being celebrated annually to bust myths and break stereotypes surrounding the Muslim women, who choose to wear an additional cloth over their regular attire for the purpose of covering their heads and neck. This form of dressing in known as hijab, which is rooted both - in the Islamic culture and the theology.

The ruling on Hijab varies from one extreme to another -- on moving from one part of the planet to another. While the "Muslim form of dressing" is partially banned in Iran and France, it is lawfully enforced in countries like the Saudi Arabia and Iran. World Hijab Day: Theme and Importance of The Day Dedicated to Veil Worn By Muslim Women.

However, in most of the Islamic nations, as well as their non-Islamic counterparts, a woman is granted the freedom to be dressed in hijab or not.

Even though the foundation of a liberal society is based on freedom, the debate continues to rage on whether a woman should be allowed to follow the age-old custom -- which at times could be imposed on her. Leaving the debate aside, we focus below on "why do women wear hijab?"

For hijab-clad women, there could be different reasons in different societies. In a left-liberal democracy, the hijab could form a symbol of her identity. A person belonging to any province, region or culture is proud of his or her identity -- the same applies for a Muslim woman.

In a theological-driven society, the hijab ruling could be part of the law -- as seen in Saudi Arabia and Iran. In Muslim-majority nations where the theology is not penally imposed, women could be wearing hijab due to societal pressure as well. But in both the scenarios, a high probability exists that she is being compelled to wear hijab neither by the society nor the law. It could be her pure adherence to the faith, as well as the Islamic culture, that she has chosen to comply with the modest standard of dressing.