World Toilet Day is an annual observance initiated by the United Nations that focuses on raising awareness about the need for access to toilets for all, its benefits and how lack of this basic access can impact good health and hygiene practices across the world. World Toilet Day 2022 will be celebrated on November 19. This annual observance has been an important day for social workers and various activists who are striving to make basic human rights and needs access to remote regions and low-income populations. As we prepare to celebrate World Toilet Day 2022, here is everything you need to know about this day, how to celebrate it, World Toilet Day 2022 Campaign slogan and theme. Who Invented the First Flushable Toilet? 11 Interesting Facts About Toilet and Sanitation That Will ‘Flush’ Your ‘Clogged’ Brain.

When is World Toilet Day 2022?

World Toilet Day 2022 will be celebrated on November 19. This annual observance was initiated by the United Nations and falls on the same day as International Men’s Day. The first World Toilet Day was celebrated in 2001 and was an unofficial holiday. In 2012, the United Nations declared November 19 as the official World Toilet Day. Every year, this observance is resolved around various annual campaign agendas and themes.

World Toilet Day 2022 Campaign Slogan & Theme

The Campaign slogan for World Toilet Day 2022 is Making the Invisible Visible. Reports suggest that 3.6 billion people are still living with poor-quality toilets that ruin their health and pollute their environment. And while the problem is clearly still prevalent, its communication has been fairly limited. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the sheer magnitude of people who still strive for clean sanitisation options.

Significance of World Toilet Day

An important part of communication, when it comes to access to safe sanitisation, is access to clean water. The central message of World Toilet Day 2022 is that safely managed sanitation protects groundwater from human waste pollution. The main aim of the World Toilet Day 2022 celebration is to raise awareness about Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.2: to ensure safe toilets for all by 2030. The steps and initiatives required to ensure we are on track to achieve this goal will be highlighted.

We hope that this World Toilet Day, you do your bit to understand more about this cause and contribute towards achieving the goal in sight. Happy World Toilet Day 2022!

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