It’s all about the clay pots. The good old way of cooking has always been a classic, deeply enriched in our roots. To enjoy the authentic taste of your favourite Indian dish, we often reminisce about meals cooked in a traditional handi made of clay. From steamed rice to flavourful curries, the recipes are endless. Among them is this one soulful dish—Champaran mutton, which continues to be one of the top-most favourite recipes among foodies. The cuisine, which originated in Bihar, is popular not just among Indians but internationally, too. The history, tradition and significance of this delicious one-pot meat recipe is what makes this meal a standout among the food lovers.

From Bengal’s ‘kosha mangsho’ to Rajasthan’s ‘laal maas’ and Kashmir’s ‘rogan josh,’ one can find an array of succulent mutton curries in every corner of the country. But what made the Champaran mutton so famous? Well, it is considered a gem of Bihar’s culinary heritage.

Champaran Meat Recipe: History, Origin and Significance

As the name suggests, this mutton curry recipe is believed to have its origins in Champaran, a district in Bihar. Also known as ahuna, handi meat or batholi, it is the preparation that makes it so special. This mutton curry is cooked in earthen clay pots or matka in dum style.

A celebration in Bihar calls for a lip-smacking mutton preparation. It begins by prepping the empty clay handi and placing it on a coal fire for a few minutes to make it leak-proof. The matka is vital in this recipe. One can cook it in a metal vessel, but it will not taste as good.

Champaran Meat Cooking Style

Like biryani, Champaran mutton is cooked in a handi, and the mouth is sealed with dough so that the steam does not escape. The dish is simmered over charcoal with an array of vibrant and flavourful spices. The meat is further cooked by shaking the whole pot but without opening the seal and stirring until it becomes tender and succulent. This slow cooking process results in aromatic, lip-smacking, and scrumptious food.

Watch Video: Champaran Mutton Recipe

Bihar’s Litti Chokha has a different fanbase. But champaran mutton is a champion of a dish. The recipe is versatile, and you can pair it with steamed rice, roti, naam, tawa rice, or even litti.

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