It's been close to three months or more for some that they are stuck within their homes due to Coronavirus. Staying within homes has got you the chefs within people, as we see a lot of people now experimenting with food in their kitchen. Quarantine cooking has become a hashtag on Instagram, people are also experimenting with baking. And fueling their cooking are the food trends going viral on social media, especially TikTok. The video making platform has given so many food trends in just about two months. Starting with Dalgona Coffee to the recent Pancake Cereal, we look at some of the viral food trends that created a buzz everywhere. Some got to baking banana bread, some to make frog-shaped ones! Let us look at all of them. Little Chef Kobe Is Spreading Joy Worldwide, Thanks to His Insanely Cute Culinary Skills! Watch Videos of the One-Year-Old Boy Giving Netizens Daily Dose of Cuteness.

1. Dalgona Coffee

The frothy coffee made with just three ingredients went so viral that people even started making their own versions of it, switching ingredients. Within a day or two almost every second person was trying out and posting about Dalgona coffee on their social media. So much so, that those who could not make it began trending funny jokes and memes. Dalgona coffee is one trend that did not remain to just food or beverage but got its meme versions too.

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@imhannahchoyes i hand whisked this whipped coffee for like 20 mins bc my mommy wanted to try it 👻 she loved it!! (달고나 커피) ##korean ##fyp ##aesthetic♬ Put your head on my shoulder cover by karlo - karlogutierrez

Aesthetic Much?

@jasmine.mich⊹ had to try this :p 🌿##whippedcoffee##fyp##foryou##coffee##trending##viral##food♬ ricoco bicc aesthetic - biccpizza

2. Banana Bread

Right after Dalgona coffee, came the wave of making banana bread. Almost like, everyone had leftover bananas in their homes, just waiting to crush them and made into bread. Videos and pictures of freshly baked banana bread were shared online. The sweet bread with a distinct flavour of banana fruit was a popular liking, probably to pair with come evening coffee? How to Bake Banana Bread at Home? Step-by-Step Recipe to Make This Moist Bread Variety Trending During Quarantine (Watch Video).

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@cookingwithshereenBest Banana Bread 🍌 ##foryоurpage ##foryoupage ##fyp ##4u ##lifeathome ##tiktokfoodie ##baking ##bananabread ##recipe ##food ##quarantine♬ Novice Juggler - Joey Pecoraro

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@sensy##bananabread ##banana ##sensy ##food ##foodie ##foodlover ##tiktokfood ##lovefood♬ original sound - sensy

3. Frog Bread

Now since people have started baking bread, why not make them in shape of frogs? Said who? We don't know how and where exactly this trend originated but like any other, it quickly caught up. Bread in shapes of frogs was being baked and some of them did look unappetising.

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@peachierinsFROGGY BREAD FROG BREAD FROGGIE BREAD 🐸🐸🐸 ##fyp ##bakingrecipe ##frog ##froggybread♬ original sound - okaynagisa

4. Bread Garden

From making shapes to carving gardens on them, the bread baking trend is only evolving. Not exactly on TikTok, but people on Instagram shared interesting pictures of their bread gardens. The idea is to make garden like art- trees and flowers using other ingredients on a loaf of bread before baking it. Some of them unleashed their creativity in the most colourful manner and the result was too delicious to not go viral.

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How Colourful


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5. Pancake Cereal

The most recent food trend going viral on TikTok is the Pancake cereal. The idea is to make very small shaped pancakes not more than size of cereals and have them together like you'd have your cereal breakfast. It is essentially mini pancakes served in a bowl mixture of syrups. Yum!

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@iankewksThis changed the gaaameee 🤤 Yall know I had to hop on this trend 🥞 !! ##pancakecereal ##fyp ##foryou

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Those Mini Pancakes Look So Cute Too

@myhealthydishAnswering all your questions on the how to make the Perfect Pancake Cereal. ##pancakecereal ##howtocook ##recipes

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All of these trends have got more popular over Instagram too, where people regularly post food pictures and videos. That's how it goes on with most of the viral trends which trend across all social media platforms. How many of the above food trends and recipes have you tried in this lockdown? Most of them look too yummy to be not tried even once. Don't be surprised if people are rushing on to something new by the next week. TikTok is serving yummy platter of trends at a time. Happy Cooking!

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