Diwali 2019 Dinner Party Menu: From Appetising Starters to Mouth-Watering Dessets, Here's a Complete Menu for a Hearty Deepavali Night
Diwali 2019 Dinner Party Menu (Photo Credits: PxHere)

Diwali is just around the corner, and we cannot keep calm! Apart Diyas and dressing up, Deepawali turns out to be an excellent time for throwing parties. Diwali dinner is an amazing way to catch up with relatives and friends that you don't meet always. Right from exchanging gifts to relishing some great Diwali food, everything about Deepavali dinner parties is exciting. However, if you are planning to throw a Diwali party at your home and haven't prepared the menu, we have your back. Right from starters to the desserts, your Diwali menu should speak of the festival of lights in the most delicious way. Usually, people eat vegetarian food on this day as it is considered inauspicious to eat non-vegetarian items like chicken, mutton etc. on this day.

However, if you are planning to set your menu in a way that it is not taxing for you as well as leaves a memorable impression on your guest, here are a few suggestions you can use to create a perfect Diwali dinner menu.


Make sure your starters are light on the stomach but great on the tastebuds. You don't want your guests to fill up on the appetizers and end up not eating enough main course. Here's a starter recipe that can help you out:

Cheesy Ravioli Bites: This easy ravioli starter can be made in a jiffy that is delightful in taste, without making you full. Check out the recipe:

Cheesy Ravioli Bites Recipe (Watch Video):

Main Course

A typical Indian main course food includes at least two curry base items and one fried food item on the side. You usually keep two options two go with the curry- Bread and Rice. Now you go creative with these items and make your main-course meal as delicious as possible.

Bread: With the bread, you can go for garlic naan, masala kulcha, butter kulcha or simply some hot puris. Here's a recipe video of various types of Indian bread that you can easily make at home:

Rice: You can go for pulao or veg biryani when it comes to preparing rice on Diwali. Some people even like the classic jeera rice with curry. Here are some types of rice you can prepare for Diwali:

Curries: You can opt for a variety of curries for your Diwali party. Right from the ones with paneer to the ones with chana, you can try a variety of curries to go. Here are a few types of curries you can make for your Diwali party:


You can opt for a variety of Indian dessert for your Diwali party. Right from Gulab Jamuns to Rabdi, here are a few desserts you can make easily at home:

Make your Diwali party super enjoyable by making a variety of delicious foods. However, make sure to make only how much is required so that you don't have to throw away the excess. During Indian festivities like Diwali people waste a lot of food that doesn't come into use, make food with minimal wastage and encourage your guests to take only how much they can eat.