The year of 2020 turned out to be an unlucky one for most lot. Given that we were stuck in the lockdown, away from family, scared for our lives and then seeing the suffering all year round, it has been a roller-coaster of a ride to get through these 12 months. So all of us are looking forward to New Year 2021 with much positivity and hope for a better year. But do you know you can have a dose of good luck on your side, if you eat certain foods? Yes, in some cultures, eating of specific foods is said to bring in luck and wealth. Ahead of 2021, let us look at some lucky foods to eat on New Year's Eve. After all, we all need a bit (or loads) of luck on our side. Good Luck for New Year 2021: Manifest Health, Wealth & Positivity With These 9 NYE Traditions From Around the World to Bring Happiness and Prosperity.

Lucky Foods for 2021

Noodles: There's a catch with eating noodles, one has to slurp them in one piece. Noodles are said to be a sign of longevity. The longer the noodles, the better is the belief in China and Japan. So for a good, long life, prepare some lovely noodles. Instant Noodles Are Saviour During Lockdown! Here Are Some Easy Recipes to Make a Bowl of Tasty and Super Slurpy Noodles at Home.

Black-Eyed Beans: Beans are widely considered a sign of good luck in many countries. Eating beans is said to be a sign of humility, so it attracts good fortune. Black-eyed peas are the most popular beans eaten on New Year’s Eve.

Cake: Do we need a reason to have cake on any celebration? But if you do, call it a practice for good luck. Eating round-shaped foods is said to be good to have luck on your side, so what's better than a cake? In some traditions, a coin is baked within the cake and one who gets it is said to be a blessed on for the New Year. Rum & Raisin Cake, Cookies, Pudding, & More, These 7 Sweet Treats Will ‘Bake’ You Happy (Watch Videos).

Grains: Grains like rice, risotto, oats, barley and quinoa swell once they are cooked. So it is said to be a sign of abundance. In India too, rice is believed to soak up all negativity. Eating of rice at midnight, or any of these grains is said to bring in good luck and prosperity.

Cornbread: Because of its golden colour, cornbread is said to symbolise wealth. It has thus become a symbol of prosperity in some countries. This year, we anyway have seen a lot of people turn to baking, so how about making a cornbread for 2021?

Fish: Fish are also considered a symbol of good fortune. In many European countries, the herring is said to bring in good luck. So people make pickled herring on the New Year's Eve and eat it at midnight.

Round Foods: The shape round is symbolic of a "full circle". So eating round-shaped food is considered a good sign. And one of them includes donuts, so why not just have it anyway? Well, isn't pizza also round? So this is one of the best options to ensure you are eating your favourite food as well as hoping for some good luck.

Fruits Like Grapes, Lemon, Oranges: There are several fruits which are said to be symbolic of good luck. Some cultures believe in eating 12 grapes at midnight and make a wish after eating each one. In cultures, where red is considered lucky, watermelon is had on New Year's Day. Lemons may be sour but they are said to bring in good luck too.

These are some of the items that make it on the lucky food list for New Year. So as we approach 2021, stock up on these fruits or ingredients to make wonderful recipes and start your New Year on a positively lucky note.

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