Magh Bihu, also known as Bhogali Bihu, is a vibrant Assamese festival celebrated in the northeastern state of Assam, marking the end of the harvesting season. Observed in the month of Magh (January), the festival is characterized by feasting, bonfires, and cultural performances. As you celebrate Magh Bihu 2024, we at LatestLY have compiled a collection of five foods commonly enjoyed on this day. Laru, Pitha, Doi-Sira, Enjoy These Assamese Traditional Dessert Recipes on Bhogali Bihu.

During Magh Bihu, communities come together to celebrate the abundance of the harvest and express gratitude to the deities for a fruitful season. The day is marked by traditional activities such as building makeshift huts called "Meji" for the community bonfire, cultural dances like the Bihu dance, and feasting on an array of Assamese delicacies. On Magh Bihu, the feast is an essential aspect of the celebrations, and the menu typically includes a variety of traditional Assamese dishes.

1. Laru: These sweet sesame seeds and jaggery balls are a popular treat during Magh Bihu, adding sweetness to the festive celebrations.

2. Pitha: Assamese Pithas, or rice cakes, come in various forms and are prepared using indigenous rice varieties. These rice-based delicacies are often stuffed with fillings like coconut, jaggery, or sesame seeds.

3. Aloo Pitika: Mashed potatoes seasoned with mustard oil, green chillies, and sometimes onions, Aloo Pitika is a simple yet flavourful side dish that complements the festive spread.

4. Bamboo Shoot Curry: Since Magh Bihu coincides with the time when bamboo shoots are abundant, a curry made with bamboo shoots is often included in the feast, showcasing local and seasonal ingredients. Makar Sankranti in Different States: Here's How the Harvest Festival Is Celebrated Around India.

5. Masor Tenga: A tangy fish curry, Masor Tenga is a staple in Assamese cuisine and is often enjoyed during Magh Bihu. It typically includes fish, tomatoes, and various aromatic spices, providing a burst of flavour to the festive meal.

These traditional Assamese foods not only reflect the regional culinary heritage but also contribute to the festive spirit of Magh Bihu, creating a rich and diverse culinary experience for the celebrants.

Wishing everyone a Happy Magh Bihu 2024.

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