Mango season is here! If you think Dussehri and Langra are some of the few varieties, you are mistaken. India, with its diverse climatic conditions, is home to a large variety of mangoes. Some are sweet, some slightly sour, some are pulpy while others have more fiber, but all are delicious and rich in Vitamins. Here’s a selection of delightful mangoes for you. Mango Recipes: From Shrikhand to Sundae, 5 Recipes To Enjoy ‘Aam’ This Mango Season in India.

1. Sindoora Mangoes From Karnataka

Sindoora Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

This fruit with a splash of colours on its skin is the most preferred choice for preparing shakes. Also called honey for its super-sweet taste, this fruit has a slightly tangy taste and an aroma that lingers in your mouth for a long time.

2. Jardalu Mangoes from Bihar

Jardalu Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

This unique mango variety from Bhagalpur is famous for its special aroma and light yellow skin. With its distinct taste and fragrance, it is the perfect choice for you, if your taste buds prefer a balanced taste.

3. Pairi Mangoes from Gujarat

Pairi Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

Available as early as in the months of April and June, this mango variety is for you if you like a combination of tastes. Although local shopkeepers in Gujarat call it 'pure honey', a bite of this mango is distinct with its combined sourness and sweetness.

4. Alphonso Mangoes from Maharashtra

Alphonso Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

Loved all over the world, Alphonso mangoes are available from mid-July. With their bright yellow appearance and delightful taste, they are one of the most consumed varieties of mangoes in India by mango lovers.

5. Himsagar Mangoes from West Bengal

Himsagar Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

Himsagar mangoes are available from May to early June. Originating in the city of Murshidabad in West Bengal, this variety is considered to be the best mango variety. With a yellow to the orange colour pulp, Himsagar mango does not have any fibre.

6. Badami Mangoes from Karnataka

Badami Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

Badami variety of mangoes is predominantly cultivated in the northern part of Karnataka. It has pale yellow skin with yellowish-orange flesh. The delicious sweet taste of Badami is a delight for mango lovers. For this reason, this fruit is also called Karnataka's Alphonso. They are usually available from May to July and are rich in Vitamin A and C.

7. Langra Mangoes from Uttar Pradesh

Langra Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

The 'Langra', also known as 'Malda' in some parts of India, is known for being fibrous and sweet, as well as for its acidic aftertaste. It retains a greenish tinge while ripening. Primarily grown in Varanasi, Langra mango is also cultivated in Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat.

8. Gulab Khaas Mangoes from Jharkhand

Gulab Khaas Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

As the name implies, GulabKhaas Mango has a rosy flavour that mango lovers are bound to like. With its pinkish-red skin, this fruit has less fibre in its pulp which makes it a preferred choice to prepare mango-based desserts. Available between May and June, GulabKhaas mangoes are relatively small in size and are sold in abundance in states such as Bihar, West Bengal, and Jharkhand.

9. Mancurad Mangoes from Goa

Mancurad Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

This midseason fruit is among the favourite mango varieties in Goa. With very less fibre and its sweetened flavour, this mango seems to be even better than the famous Alphonso. Usually, these mangoes are available as early as April in the markets.

10. Imam Pasand Mangoes from Andhra Pradesh

Imam Pasand Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

Available in the months of May and June, this juicy fruit has an excellent sweet aroma and distinct sweet taste. Largely grown in parts of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the fruit Imam Pasand is considered to be a unique mango variety for its distinct aftertaste.

11. Raspuri Mangoes from Karnataka

Raspuri Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

Cultivated across the southern state of Karnataka during May and June, Raspuri Mango is another famous variety of mangoes. Distinguished by its juicy flesh with a sweet taste, this fruit is rich in Vitamin A and C. This oval-shaped fruit has an excellent flavour and aroma which you cannot resist.

12. Neelam Mangoes from Andhra Pradesh

Neelam Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

Neelam mango with its golden yellow skin is a late-season variety. The perfectly shaped, large, oblong fruit has a specific sweet smell being on the orange side of colour. Its floral aroma and acidic-sweet taste are as heavenly as any other good variety of mango. Plus point, one can find it in almost all parts of India.

13. Totapuri Mangoes from Karnataka

Totapuri Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

The city of Bangalore is famous for its Totapuri mangoes, also known as 'Bangalora' or 'Sandersha' mangoes which are a blend of sweetness and tartness. With their rich aromatic flavour, these medium-sized greenish-yellow mangoes are available from May to July. Totapuri is also one of the significant varieties of mangoes in our country with a distinct taste and aroma.

14. Sadabahar Mangoes from Rajasthan

Sadabahar Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

As the name suggests, one can enjoy this mango variety round the year. The fruit with a deep orange colour and sweeter taste has less fibre content, making it stand out from other varieties. It is developed as a dwarf variety which is suitable for kitchen gardening and can be grown in pots for some years.

15. Vanraj Mangoes from Gujarat

Vanraj Mangoes (Photo Credits: ANI)

One of the rare varieties of mangoes from Gujarat, Vanraj Mango is typically oval in shape resembling an egg but slightly larger. With a reddish tint all over its skin, on the upper side, it almost appears as if the rare fruit is blushing. This mid-season variety has fans all over the country.