Meghalaya foundation day is celebrated every year on January 21. This year we will be observing 50th Meghalaya state formation day. Meghalaya is a state of three main tribes and therefore there is a lot of variation in the food preparations depending on where you are located. The people belonging to Khasi and Jaintia tribes have a lot of bamboo shoots in their food preparations whereas Garos enjoy eating a lot of pork-based dishes among other proteins from animals. As you celebrate Meghalaya State Formation Day 2022, we at LatestLY, have curated a list of food items of Meghalaya that you must try. Tripura, Manipur and Meghalaya Foundation Day 2022: Know Date, History and Significance of the Day Three States Attained Statehood.

Doh Khlieh

Doh Khlieh is a salad made with minced up pork, green chillies and onions. The dish is accompanied by pig brains, curry and bread which makes it even more mouth-watering.


Jadoh is a famous dish of the Khasi community and is made with rice and pork. The spices, chopped vegetables and garnishing of egg or fried fish add flavour to the dish.


Momos are everyone’s favourite. Though they are now available in every part of the country, the taste originates basically from Meghalaya. Once you have had momos in Meghalaya, you would never like momos anywhere else in the world because that’s the authenticity of the taste.


Pumaloi is another favourite dish of the Khasi community. It is made with powdered rice and can be had in any meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is very simple and best served with something very spicy.

Nakham Bitchi

Nakham Bitchi is a very nutritious and healthy soup of the Garos. It is made by boiling fish and vegetables and the locals essentially serve this soup to welcome their guests.

Northeastern states are known for their meat-based foods made with local spices in a unique way. You may try the recipes at your home, but the taste will be completely different if it’s made by a local of the state. This Meghalaya foundation day, you must try your hands on these delicious lip-smacking recipes of the Meghalaya cuisine. Wishing everyone Happy Meghalaya Foundation Day 2022!

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