National Apple Day is annually celebrated on October 21 in the United Kingdom (UK). This event is mainly observed to enjoy apples in different forms. Every year the UK gathers for a celebration of the most delicious harvest of the year and comes together to share the joy and fun of apples. This day is said to have been first celebrated in 1990 in Covent Garden in London. You can celebrate National Apple Day by enjoying different forms of apples and prepare different recipes from it like apple pie, apple crust, apple cookies to name a few. On the occasion of National Apple Dat (UK) 2020, let us take a look at seven interesting facts about apples. Apple Chia Seeds Smoothie For Weight Loss: Here’s The Recipe of This Nutritious Drink (Watch Video)

Apple is a very healthy fruit which is rich in fibre and also acts as a good prebiotic. The vitamins and minerals in apples also help in the smooth functioning of the body. The fibres in apple help lower blood sugar. Apple also helps in teeth whitening. On National Apple Day 2020 event for you and your family, encouraging people to try new recipes and types of apples. As per the data of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 100 g of an apple contains 52 calories.

Seven Facts About Apples 

1. Apples actually originate from Kazakhstan. DNA analysis of modern varieties of apples has found that the original source of apple is from a wild variety known as Malus sieversii, which can still be found thriving in the mountains of Kazakhstan.

2. Most of you might be unaware of the fact that apples can actually float in water. This is because 25 per cent of volume in apple is just air, which makes it less dense than water.

3. John Chapman, better known as John Appleseed, an American planted apple trees in different parts of the United States, not for the environment but for money. Back in the 1800s, one could claim land by creating a permanent orchard on the same. John would plant apple trees at that time and sell those lands later.

4. China is the largest producer of apples by a vast majority, with an annual production of 46 million tons.

5. Europeans use a larger percentage of apple for cider-making.

6. There are about 7500 varieties of apple all over the world.

7. Apple seeds contain a deadly poison known as ‘Cyanide’. However, it contains in a very small quantity and you will have to chew about 200 seeds or 10 apple cores in order to have an effect on you.

Apples should indeed be part of your daily diet as there is a saying 'An Apple a Day, keeps the doctor away'. On National Apple Day 2020, enjoy this fruit with your family members and explore more interesting facts about this fruit.

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