National Ice Cream month is celebrated every month in July by the Americans. This is the time of the year when the summer reaches peak temperatures.

Ice creams are America’s favourite frozen dessert. With temperatures hitting the maximum in July, they use this month to enjoy this delightful dessert throughout so as to cool off and relish the treat with their family and friends. As you celebrate National Ice Cream month 2022, we at LatestLY, have listed down 5 reasons why ice creams are such a delight. Amul Ice Cream Introduces Isabgol With Cashew and Fig.

1. They Last a Long Time

Ice cream last days and months in the freezer and you can enjoy them anytime you want to. Once you buy the container, it’s up to you that you finish it in one go or probably store it for your future cravings as well.

2. They Make You Happy

Having sweet desserts like ice creams helps release endorphins which are happy hormones. It is also scientifically proven that a bowl of your favourite ice cream can help make breakups, heartaches and other sadness easier to get through.

3. You Can Have It in Every Flavour

Ice creams are available in so many different flavours that you don’t really have to think much. From ice candies to the tubs, all the flavours are to die for. You can even enjoy your favourite fruit in the flavour of ice cream.

4. Available in All Seasons

The best thing about ice creams is that they are available throughout the year. It’s available in the market and you can even make one at your home very easily. There are so many people who love to eat it during winters as well, therefore ice creams are never out of season throughout the year.

5. Don’t Have To Think Much About a Dessert

Ice creams are the first thing to pop into our minds when we think about a dessert. This is the most easily available and yet the most versatile kind of dessert we can have to kill our cravings.

As tasty as the ice cream is by itself, it tastes yummy when paired with other treats like a brownie, a stuffed crepe or a waffle. So don’t think much and get your ice cream tub as we are about to start with the National Ice Cream Month 2022.

Wishing everyone Happy National Ice Cream month 2022!

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