National Margarita Day is celebrated annually on February 22nd, and it's a day dedicated to honouring one of the most popular and beloved cocktails in the world – the margarita. This refreshing and tangy drink, known for its combination of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur, served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass, is a favourite among many.

National Margarita Day 2024 Date & Significance

Regardless of its origins, the margarita has become a staple in bars and restaurants around the world, known for its versatility and refreshing flavour. There are countless variations of the margarita, including frozen margaritas, flavoured margaritas, and even spicy margaritas made with jalapeño-infused tequila.

Celebrated annually on February 22nd, National Margarita Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this iconic cocktail. Many bars and restaurants offer specials and promotions on margaritas, making it a popular day for margarita enthusiasts to indulge in their favourite drink. Some people also choose to celebrate National Margarita Day at home by making their own margaritas and hosting margarita-themed parties.

Margarita: History

The origins of the margarita are shrouded in mystery, with several stories claiming to be the true source of the cocktail. One popular legend suggests that the margarita was invented in the 1940s by a socialite named Margarita Sames, who concocted the drink for her guests at a party in Acapulco, Mexico. Another story credits the invention of the margarita to a bartender named Carlos "Danny" Herrera, who created the drink for a customer who was allergic to all spirits except tequila.

In addition to being a delicious and popular cocktail, the margarita also holds cultural significance. It is often associated with celebrations and parties, and its vibrant colours and flavours make it a festive and fun drink to enjoy with friends and family.

How to Make Margarita at Home?

To make a classic margarita, you will need tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur (such as triple sec or Cointreau), and a salt rim for the glass. Start by running a lime wedge around the rim of a glass, then dip the rim into a plate of salt to coat it. Fill the glass with ice. In a shaker, combine 2 oz of tequila, 1 oz of lime juice, and 1 oz of orange liqueur. Add ice to the shaker, then shake vigorously. Strain the mixture into the prepared glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wedge, and enjoy your refreshing margarita!

Whether you prefer your margarita on the rocks or blended, with salt or without, National Margarita Day is the perfect excuse to raise a glass and toast to this iconic cocktail. So gather your friends, mix up a batch of margaritas, and celebrate National Margarita Day in style!

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