Pana Sankranti, or Maha Bishuba Sankranti, is a traditional Odia New Year celebrated by people in Odisha. The festival falls on the first day of the traditional solar month "Meṣa" of the Odia calendar, equivalent to the lunar month Baisakha. According to Odia Hindu tradition, Pana Sankranti is believed to be the birthday of the Hindu deity Hanuman, who is known for his loving devotion to Rama, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, in Ramayana. People worship deities such as Hanuman, Shiva, and Surya (the Sun God) in the new year. Temples of these deities hold special significance during Pana Sankranti. Devotees visit temples to seek blessings and actively participate in the spiritual aspects of the festival. Pana Sankranti 2024, or Odia New Year, will be celebrated on April 13, i.e., Saturday.  When Is Pana Sankranti 2024? Know the Date and Significance of the Day, Also Popularly Known As Maha Vishuba Sankranti or Odia New Year

Significance of Pana Drink and Its Health Benefits

Pana Sankranti is a traditional festival featuring the preparation and consumption of a special drink called "Pana", made from a "Bela" fruit.

Bael, or Bela, also known as Wood Apple, is a sweet fruit with numerous health benefits. Alternatively, the drink is made with fresh fruits and spices and is known for its unique taste and health benefits. Drinking Bela Pana is believed to symbolise the importance of water for sustaining life on earth. The ingredients used to make the drink include ripe Bael fruit pulp, Banana, Milk, Chenna, Cardamom, Cashews, Black Pepper, and grated Coconut. The ingredients used can vary according to personal preference. The drink has several health benefits, such as being an antidote for sunstroke and relieving stomach problems. Hindu New Year's Days 2024 Dates in Different States: Enjoy the Colourful Mosaic of India's Harvest Festivals and New Year's Days.

As Pana Sankranti 2024 approaches, it's time to gear up for the festive celebrations. If you are looking for ways to add a touch of joy to your festivities, you could consider the following videos for making Odisha's traditional drink, "Bela Pana". 

1. Easy Bela Pana Drink Recipe

2. Bela Pana Drink Recipe with Fruits

3. Bela Pana Sharbat

4. Bela Pana Sankranti Recipe 

Pana Sankranti is a traditional festival celebrated with the preparation and consumption of a special drink called "Pana. "Bela Pana" is a refreshing drink rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Calcium. It has been known since ancient times in India and has been cultivated in various Southeast Asian countries. I wish you a happy and prosperous Maha Bisubha Sankranti 2024!

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