Ram Navami is an auspicious Hindu festival and it commemorates the birth of Lord Rama. It is celebrated with tremendous dedication and passion across India. As part of the festivities, many homes in North India perform the 'Kanjak' ritual, which includes honouring young girls. The ritual includes cooking and serving prasad (holy food) to the Kanjaks, which usually includes 'kala chana', 'puri', and 'halwa'. However, there are various more 'prasad' foods you may prepare to add variety to the Prasad. Here are five prasad items that you can make during Ram Navami to make the festival even more special.  Ram Navami 2024 Date, Puja Vidhi During Shubh Muhurat: How To Perform Rama Navami Puja Rituals? Know All About the Hindu Festival Observed To Celebrate the Birth of Lord Rama.

1. Sookhe Kale Channe

It is a simple yet tasty dish prepared without onion or garlic. Sukha kale chane is a traditional dish that is served during Ram Navami and Durga Ashtami.  Kala chana is cooked and served with a rich tadka of ghee and mild dry spices.

2. Sooji Ka Halwa

This traditional semolina pudding is prepared with dried fruits and a considerable amount of pure ghee. This halwa is an essential part of many homes' holiday menus since it's quick, simple, and tasty. It is the most common prasad prepared during the festivity. Ram Navami 2024 Bhog Items: From Coconut Ladoo to Rice Kheer, 5 Sweet Dishes That Can Be Offered As Prasad to Lord Rama.

3. Rice Kheer

The traditional Indian dessert, kheer, is incredibly delicious and simple to make. You can prepare sweet and creamy kheer using rice, milk, sugar and dry fruits sauteed in ghee. Cooking this kheer, adorned with saffron threads and almonds, is a delightful way to celebrate festivals and special events.

4. Poori

Along with halwa and kale chane, you may offer poori to Kanjaks to make it a full bhog for the auspicious occasion. It is prepared by making a dough with wheat flour and water. Once the dough is ready, divide the dough into smaller-sized lumps. Then flatten it and fry it in oil.

5. Coconut Laddoo

A popular and traditional Indian dessert prepared from sugar or jaggery, laddoo comes in a variety of forms. Specifically, shredded coconut pulp combined with sugar and condensed milk is used to make coconut laddoo.