It's typical to skip breakfast in the midst of daily life. Mornings are the most productive hours of the day, so grab a healthy meal to get your day started right. Skipping breakfast will not only leave you weary throughout the day, but it will also lead to unexpected cravings and, finally, overeating. So, if you are in hurry, bread is the best option. Let us look at some of breakfast ideas which you can make using breads. Easy Indian Breakfast Ideas: From Parathas to Smoothies, 6 Light Breakfast Recipes With Protein Punch That Will Keep You Full and Energetic All Day!

1. French Toast

Eggs, bread, apples, milk, cinnamon, and honey are needed for this incredibly easy recipe. A little sugar can be used to caramelize apples; set aside. Stir in the bread after beating the eggs with all the ingredients. When the French toast is done, cook it over low heat with some butter.

2. Paneer Sandwich

In case you're not fond of aloo toast, the paneer sandwich is a great option for you. To boost your nutrition, add some cheese, pepper, and salt to your smoothie along with some shredded paneer and your favourite veggies. Place one slice of bread on top of the other. Serve this with a nutritious banana.

3. Besan Toast

This Besan Bread Toast is the perfect recipe if you're searching for a quick, tasty, and easy bread snack. In a tawa, cook the bread pieces after dipping them in a spicy batter made with gram flour (besan), vegetables, herbs, and seasonings.

4. Garden Vegetable Corn Bread

You can get the best nutrients possible from this meal. Even carrying these to work will be quite simple. All you need are cornmeal/oats, wheat flour, bread pieces, baking powder, salt, and spring onions. Stir them all together. Next, properly blend the eggs, milk, and honey. Mix the two and bake for fifteen minutes.

5. Bread Upma

Bread upma is a popular breakfast option that is both nutritious and simple to prepare, crumble the bread. Then, add a small amount of oil to a nonstick pan. Add the finely chopped onions and green chillies, as well as the ginger-garlic paste. Then add the tomato cubes and spices, salt, and crumbled bread. Toss the ingredients. When finished, drizzle lemon juice over the upma and top with coriander leaves.