Turkish Cuisine Week is an annual celebration that pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of Turkey, showcasing its diverse flavours, techniques, and cultural significance. Held in various cities globally, this event offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the tantalising world of Turkish gastronomy. Turkish Cuisine Week 2024 is observed from May 21 to May 27. During this week, visitors are treated to a culinary journey through the vibrant streets of Turkey, where every dish tells a story of centuries-old culinary heritage blended with modern influences. Throughout Turkish Cuisine Week, attendees can savour an array of iconic Turkish dishes, from savoury kebabs and aromatic stews to delectable pastries and sweet treats. As you observe Turkish Cuisine Week 2024, we at LatestLY have compiled a variety of dishes that you can try and celebrate the week. Turkish Cuisine: From Cig Kofte to Shish Kebab, 5 Turkish Dishes Loved Across the Globe! 


Whether it's Adana kebab, made with minced meat and spices, or shish kebab, featuring marinated chunks of meat grilled to perfection, kebabs are a cornerstone of Turkish cuisine.

Adana kebab (Photo Credits: Flickr)


This iconic Turkish dessert consists of layers of thin pastry dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. Baklava is beloved for its delicate layers and rich, sweet flavour. Baklava to Lokma to Kunefe, Here's a List of Must-Taste Turkish Desserts.

Baklava Pistazie (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)


Meze refers to a selection of small dishes served as appetisers or accompaniments to drinks. From stuffed grape leaves (dolma) to yoghurt-based dips like tzatziki and muhammara, meze offers a diverse range of flavours and textures.

Meze (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Doner Kebab

Originating from Ottoman cuisine, doner kebab features thinly sliced meat, typically lamb or beef, stacked on a vertical rotisserie and roasted until tender. It's commonly served in sandwiches or wraps with vegetables and sauce.

Doner Kebab (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)


Often described as Turkish dumplings, manti are small parcels of dough filled with seasoned meat and typically served with yoghurt and garlic-infused tomato sauce. This hearty and flavourful dish is a favourite in Turkish households and restaurants.

Manti (Photo Credits: Flickr)

Beyond the delightful flavours, the event also serves as a platform to explore the cultural nuances and regional diversity of Turkish cuisine, highlighting the importance of food as a unifying force that bridges communities and fosters appreciation for shared traditions.

Wishing everyone a Happy Turkish Cuisine Week!

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