When you were sent home to hunker down during the COVID-19 pandemic, how did your work-life balance change? Were you an office worker who had to navigate the new normal of remote work? A waiter or waitress forced to find new work while your restaurant closed its doors? Perhaps you are an essential frontline worker, and your work only increased in its capacity?

While the coronavirus pandemic impacted nearly every industry, some find that a global shutdown has boosted business in unexpected ways.

Enter adult online sensation Heidi Grey (@heidixgrey). As an online adult start and digital influencer, a sudden shift from in-person to online business meant a sudden and unexpected boost in opportunity.

A Homebody With An Online Empire

For Grey, being stuck at home was actually not that different. “My life hasn’t changed all that much since the lockdown began!” As someone who enjoys spending time at home and engaging with people mostly online, Grey has taken advantage of the newfound free time to complete projects she’s always meant to accomplish.

During the day, Grey is your everyday girl. At night, the gloves come off (among other articles of clothing), and the business side kicks in. With the world rushing online to accomplish work, school, and all kinds of personal business, the interest in engaging with online adult stars has boomed.

“I’m incredibly grateful that my business has not suffered during the pandemic.” says Grey. “Here’s the truth: porn is pandemic-proof. Everyone is stuck at home with nothing else better to do than hop online and treat themselves to a bit of fun online.”

Grey says that as the business has increased for her, she has enjoyed the opportunity to engage in increasingly interesting acts of online sexual fetish and kink. “Someone wants to choke their chicken with pics of my feet? I’m here for it.”

For Heidi Grey, if the digital public is willing to pay, she’s up for the challenge. The new opportunities of COVID-19 mean that with millions - if not billions - of people spending a lot more time online, it’s likely that her business (and exciting requests) will only continue to grow!

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