Fetishes can go from kinky to weird in no time. And with the number of people existing in this world, the variety of fetishes that exist are insane. But then what is sex without a little bit of fun and crazy experiments? You will be shocked to know the most bizarre kinds of fetishes that exist u the world. For people who don't know, a fetish is a response of sexual excitement to anything atypically sexual. For example, some people have a foot fetish whereas some people have a fat fetish(yes, they do). It is said that such fetishes are more commonly found in men and usually consist of an object involved.

People fantasise about their fetishes and get sexually aroused. This doesn't necessarily need to have with a partner, it can happen for one's own self as well. Sexual fetishes are just another unusual way of getting an erection, and having an orgasm. People having a fetish with certain objects often hold, smell, rub, or taste the object involved, it can be a body part as well. Like said earlier, fetishes are involuntary and can range from a simple shoe to hurting yourself. However, some of the most bizarre sex fetishes will blow your mind:

Mucophilia: Some people get attracted or sexually aroused by body mucous and may ask people to sneeze in front of them or let them feel, sniff or touch mucous.

Formicophilia: While others may hate insects around but some people like the feeling of insects crawling on them. This type of feeling gives them a sexual kick.

Frotteurism: Some people derive pleasure by rubbing against non-consenting strangers and such people should land in jail. If you ever find someone like this, please inform the police.

Salirophilia: This kind of sexual fetish gets people aroused by seeing things get dirty and not in a fun way but literally.

Shoes or Socks Smelly Fetish: To some people smelling used shoes and socks gives immense sexual pleasure. Just earlier this year, a man stole about 70 pairs of shoes because he had a weird fetish for shoe smell and he got kicks from the odour of well-worn shoes. Although he is now arrested by the police.

Weight Gain and Cellulite Fetish: A online community called "Feedism" is all about gaining weight to fulfil sexual fetishes. Such people have "fat fetish" or "cellulite fetish".

Needle Fetish:  This type of fetish sees people hurt themselves with needles to derive pleasure. Earlier this year, a teenager from Tunisia inserted a three-inch-long sewing needle into his penis for sexual stimulation. The sharp object stayed lodged about two inches inside him and the doctors had to use forceps to pull it out.

Fetishes are fun and in fact, increase sexual arousal in people improving their sex life, only as long as they are not dangerous. If you know of anyone having any sort of fetish that may hurt themselves or others, please notify the police asap.

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