Benefits of Fennel Seeds: 7 Reasons Why You Should Chew on Saunf After Meals
Health benefits of fennel seeds (Photo Credits: Pexels)

Fennel seeds also known as saunf is one of the most popular spices in India. Desi people have been consuming fennel seeds after food as a mouth-freshener. However, the health benefits of saunf are way more than just freshening your mouth after a heavy meal, and maybe that's why it is a part of the desi food culture. Used for both culinary and curative reasons, this medicinal plant has been known to help treat a lot of health issues right from colic to blood sugar to conjunctivitis. All parts of the plant are used, including the leaves, seeds, and bulb.

Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds or Saunf

  • Help treat indigestion and bloating: You must have noticed that many people chew a few fennel seeds post a heavy meal, that is because fennel is rich in oils that can help soothe your digestive tracts and smoothen the activities in the stomach. Fennel tea helps too.
  • Cools your body: Fennel seeds are known to have cooling properties and hence turn out to be a beneficial ingredient during summers. They are also known to calm frayed nerves and promoting a sense of peace.
  • Reduces colic: If you are a parent who has a healthy child having crying episodes, your child could be suffering from infantile colic. Fennel seeds are known for its anti-spasmodic qualities.
  • Reduces gastric problems: Fennel seeds are known to be incredible if you suffer from gastric problems. It reduces stress on your stomach and helps blood flow to the digestive system.
  • Lowers blood sugar: Many people with diabetes are recommended to have fennel seeds or tea by herbalists. The herb is known to keep blood sugar levels in control.
  • Relieves pain: Fennel seeds are known to help relieve all kinds of joint and muscle pains. A study has found out that fennel can help relieve pains almost close to what aspirin does.
  • Improves hydration: If you drink fennel tea, you get a caffeine-free beverage that can also keep you hydrated. Fennel tea acts as a great alternative to coffee and regular tea.

Fennel seeds are also known to improve eyesight, help regulate appetite, effective for sinuses, stimulate milk production in breastfeeding women, reduce stress and detoxify the body.

(This article is written for informational purposes and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)