It is mango season and while all of us are under lockdown, confined to our homes to help slow down the coronavirus pandemic, we do miss emptying the mango shelves in the market. However, there are several messages doing rounds on social media that say, mangoes will kill the coronavirus. While mangoes are packed with nutrients and is a healthy addition to your diet, there is no evidence that mangoes can "kill" the coronavirus or help beat COVID-19 in any way! Mangoes, the king of fruits has been everyone's favourite fruit. Not only is it low on calories but is a great source of vital vitamins such as A and C that are known to help boost immunity. Rich in folate, B6, iron mangoes can provide your body with soluble fibres! It also contains a certain amount of calcium, zinc and vitamin E. 'Doctor Mango' Made in Lucknow by India's Mango Man! New Variety of Fruit Honours Health Care Workers Braving The COVID-19 Pandemic (View Pics). 

Despite being a healthy fruit, it cannot prevent COVID-19. MIB aka Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India's Twitter page #IndiaFightsCorona that helps debunk false coronavirus information said that mangoes cannot kill coronavirus. Although, WHO advises consuming mangoes for its immense health benefits. The tweet by MIB read, "There is no scientific evidence that mango kills the new #Coronavirus. However, WHO recommends consuming adequate fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. "Check out the tweet:

However, mango sale hasn't been spared by the coronavirus outbreak! Reports say that the sales and supply of mangoes in Hyderabad has been adversely affected. "Due to low crop yield, the supply of mangoes has gone down. Last year, around the same time, over 500 to 600 vehicles would come to the market but this year only 200 to 300 vehicles came. We are finding it hard to sell the produce," said the Vice President of Fruit Commission Agent Association Gyaneshwar.

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