New Delhi, October 12: An antibody medicide aginst coronavirus (COVID-19), developed by AstraZeneca, has moved into phase 3 clinical trials. Called AZD7442, AstraZeneca's antibody medicine will be given to 6,000 volunteers during phase 3 trials that are due to begin in the next weeks, the Anglo–Swedish company said on Monday. AstraZeneca is among a few companies exploring monoclonal antibodies that can prevent and treat COVID-19. AstraZeneca's Trial Blueprint Says 'Goal is to Develop COVID-19 Vaccine With 50% Effectiveness'.

"AstraZeneca’s long-acting antibody (LAAB) combination, AZD7442, will advance into two Phase III clinical trials in more than 6,000 participants at sites in and outside the US that are due to begin in the next weeks. The LAABs have been engineered with AstraZeneca’s proprietary half-life extension technology to increase the durability of the therapy for six to 12 months following a single administration," the company said in a statement. Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine: NIH 'Very Concerned' About Side-Effect on UK Trial Participant, Suspects Case of 'Transverse Myelitis'.

"The combination of two LAABs is also designed to reduce the risk of resistance developed by the SARS-CoV-2 virus," it added. The US government is providing financial assistance to AstraZeneca for the development and supply of AZD7442. The Trump administration has already secured hundreds of thousands of doses of the experimental treatments.

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