Cow Urine Can Your Protect Heart, Heal Diabetic Wounds: 5 Other Health Benefits of Gomutra
Does cow urine or gomutra have health benefits? (Photo Credits: File Pic)

A study by Governmental Medical College and Sir Takhatsinhji General Hospital in Bhavnagar studied the wound-healing properties of gomutra or cow urine on diabetic wounds. The study revealed that gomutra had a healthy presence of collagen, a vital protein important for the healing of wounds. The revelation may come as a surprise to the scientific community, but it only validates the claims of Ayurvedic and naturopathic experts who long believed in the therapeutic benefits of gomutra.

For over thousands of years, Hindus have revered the cow as a gentle animal who gives more than what it takes. Like its milk, cow’s urine also holds special significance in Hindu rites and traditions. Treatises written by ancient experts, some dating back to sixth century BCE, elaborate on the therapeutic benefits of the cow urine. Sushruta Samhita, Ashtanga Sangrah and Bhav Prakash Nighantu describe gomutra as a medicinal substance with many therapeutic uses.

Ancient texts also mention using cow urine to address health concerns such as weight gain, indigestion, stomach ache, cardiac and renal diseases, diarrhoea, oedema, jaundice, anaemia, haemorrhoids and skin diseases. Scientific studies on gomutra has also yielding some encouraging results. Here’s a list of the benefits of cow urine. Amazon to Sell Cow Urine, Dung Based Soaps & Face Packs Made by RSS-backed Group.

1 Antimicrobial Properties

Cow urine or gomutra has antimicrobial qualities, thanks to the presence of urea, creatinine, aurum hydroxide, phenols, manganese, etc. It has proven anti-microbial qualities that can fight pathogens like E Coli, Salmonella typhi and Staphylococcus.

2 Antidandruff

If you have the will, applying cow urine on the scalp has been proven to be more effective than applying neem and lemon juice. Gomutra can fight the dandruff-causing Malassezia fungi.

3 Bioenhancer

According to Ayurvedic texts, cow urine is considered a bioenhancer which improves the efficiency of certain medicines and decreases their side effects.

4 Anticancer

Cow urine is considered a great antioxidant, which reduces oxidative stress and scavenges free radicals that cause malignancies in the human body. Can Cow Urine Cure Cancer? Gomutra Better Than Chemotherapy Says Gujarat University.

5 Immunomodulant

Gomutra is supposed to be an excellent immune booster, which stimulates the body’s natural defences. Ancient texts suggests that intake of cow urine increases disease resistance significantly.

While it may have a variety of health benefits, one should note that cow urine shouldn’t be considered a miracle cure or a replacement for actual medication. Consult a good Ayurvedic practitioner and do not self-medicate, especially if you have underlying health issues.