Dubai Man Feasts on Biryani One Last Time Before Getting His Stomach Removed Due To Cancer
Chicken biryani (Photo Credits: Flickr, jojo nicdao)

A Dubai man suffering from gastric cancer made an unlikely request to his doctors before they had his stomach removed – to eat biryani one last time. According to a report in the Khaleej Times, the man Ghulam Abbas was suffering from stomach cancer and had to undergo a surgery to remove the organ. But he wanted to feast on his favourite food biryani one last time before his stomach was removed.

The report says that Abbas had been undergoing treatment for a long time and ultimately chose to have his stomach removed as the last-ditch solution to the malignant disease. The father of two was diagnosed with stage three gastrointestinal cancer and his test results revealed that a tumour had covered his entire stomach. Removing the stomach was the only way to save his life. Here's a List of 10 Anti-Cancer Vegetables You Should Never Forget to Eat.

Calling the surgery the most devastating decision of his life, he told Khaleej Times that he had to do whatever it took to save his life. “I did not want my children to grow up without my presence; I did not want to lose to the opportunity to see their milestones, watch them laugh, even fight,” he said. Abbas was intent on holding on to his life. Kamaal R Khan Claims He Is Suffering From Cancer, Twitter Calls It 'Fake'.

His wife then prepared his favourite dish, which he gorged on before his surgery one last time. Dr Ali Khammas, the surgeon who handled his case at the Rashid Hospital said that cancer in young patients is often quite aggressive. Abbas’ surgery was the first-of-its-kind procedure in Dubai where a total gastrectomy was performed using laparoscopy. Diet Dos and Don’ts to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk.

The surgery was a success and the surrounding areas of his stomach were free of cancer cells. Abbas is now undergoing rounds of chemotherapy as a precaution to target any stray cancer cells.