Ayurveda has mentioned remedies for various ailments and it lists down various herbs and spices that can work wonders on our health. One such herb is giloy, an Ayurvedic herb that has been used for ages in Indian medicine. In Sanskrit, giloy is known as ‘Amrita', which literally translates to ‘the root of immortality' due to its abundant medicinal property. The stem of giloy plant is used for the treatment of chronic and intermittent fever. We bring you a look at the health benefits of giloy, which can boost immunity and also help treat diabetes. From Fish Oil to Ashwagandha, Here Are Five Anti-Ageing Foods Men Should Eat to Look Younger.

Health Benefits of Giloy 

1. Strong Immunity - This queen of Ayurvedic herb can help strengthen immunity as it comes along with lots of antioxidants that fight free-radicals, keep your cells healthy and help you get rid of diseases. It also consists of biologically active compounds like alkaloids and lactones which significantly help boost the immune system. Home Remedy of the Week: Black Pepper Lemon Tea for Strong Immune System to Help Fight Against Diseases.

2. Reduces Stress - Giloy is an adaptogenic herb that helps reduce mental stress and anxiety. It does so by getting rid of toxins and also helps calm down nerves.

3. Treats Arthritis - Giloy is anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic in nature as it helps treat arthritis and its several symptoms.

4. Treats Diabetes - This herb is excellent for Ayurvedic treatment as it assists insulin production. Giloy can burn excess glucose and reduce the level of blood sugar.

5. Anti-Ageing Effect - Giloy plant comes along with anti-ageing properties that help reduce dark spots, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles.

Giloy Juice Recipe 

This herb also treats chronic fever, due to its antipyretic activity. You can have giloy juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for a good result. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult doctors before having giloy.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)

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