Health Benefits of Drumsticks: From Controlling Blood Sugar Level to Strong Bones, 5 Reasons Why Moringa Should Be Part of Your Diet
Drumsticks (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Fruits and vegetables are indeed quite nutritious, luckily we have a wide variety to choose to fulfil the nutritional requirement. Drumsticks, which is also known as Moringa in Tamil, is one such vegetable which loaded with vital vitamins and minerals. It is in fact termed as one of the most powerful Indian superfoods. During Ayurvedic times, this vegetable was used for the medicinal purpose by our ancestors. Here we will discuss the health benefits of drumsticks that include blood sugar control and development of strong bones. Healthy Winter Vegetables: Carrots, Green Peas, Spinach & Other Veggies You Should Eat For Good Health.

Drumsticks are one of the most common ingredients used in the South Indian dishes like sambhar or avial. It is now used in other states too where they are added in dal or soup. Drumsticks are basically a twisted pod that is cultivated mostly in Asian and African region. Dried drumstick and moring leaf powder can be used as a smoothie after the workout, to work wonders on your body.

Health Benefits of Drumsticks

1. Controls Blood Sugar- Drumsticks is the best vegetable for people suffering from diabetes as it does not allow the blood sugar level to spike up. It also works on improvising the gall bladder function which in turn helps in lowering blood sugar.

2. Improves Digestion - Drumsticks contain niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B12, which play a major role in improving digestive health. The presence of dietary fibre also aids in digestion.

3. Helps in Development of Strong Bones - Drumsticks is rich in calcium and iron which immensely contribute to the development of stronger bones. Apart from that, eating drumsticks regularly can also help in avoiding the loss of bone density.

4. Enhances the Immune System - Drumsticks contain good amounts of Vitamin C which improves the overall immune system of the body.

5. Helps in Reducing Acne - Drumsticks aids in blood purification and removal of toxic materials present in the blood. This can help in getting clear pimple-free skin.

The best part about drumsticks is that they don't lose their effectiveness after getting boiled or dried. After going through the above-mentioned health benefits of drumsticks, you should consider including its recipe in your lunch or dinner. You can try drumsticks curry or drumsticks soup or simply add it in your mutton gravy to make it more nutritious.