The weather gods are not kind, and the city is sweltering under the summer heat. Post the cloudy weather in the last week, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) declared a heatwave in parts of Maharashtra, including the city of Mumbai. The city recorded its highest maximum temperature at 39.4 degrees in March. Getting around for work or leisure may seem too tiring because of the sweat and dust that has currently engulfed the city. But there are some simple measures one can follow to keep yourself cool and tackle the heatwave better. Summer Hair Care Tips: Help Your Hair, Make-Up Survive the Sweaty Summer.

Simple Hacks to Survive Heat Wave in Mumbai

1. Stay Hydrated

If you haven’t been drinking enough water, you must inculcate the habit, especially in the summer. If not water, increase your liquid intake with fruit juices and syrups. The simplest way to keep your body replenished of the lost fluids is by increasing your water intake.

2. Avoid Fried/Oily Food

Although fried food is tempting, try and avoid it as much as you can. Oily and greasy foodstuffs increase the metabolic heat within your body, thus making you feel warmer. You can instead replace your fried snacks with some milkshakes or fruit salads.

3. Wear Light Cotton Clothes

Try and dress in cotton clothes, which are lightweight and not too dark in colour. Loose fit and cotton clothes feel breathable and comfortable on the skin. Skip wearing tight formals unless absolutely necessary. Black-coloured clothes absorb more heat, so avoid wearing black.

4. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Although some of you may not be able to function without coffee, you might want to reduce the intake. Caffeinated drinks will add to your body heat. You can opt for lemon sherbet or juice instead in the evenings or post your lunch.

5. Keep Wet Tissue/Towel Handy

When you are travelling, always carry wet tissues with you to wipe off your sweat from time to time. Once you reach work, you can also keep a wet cloth/towel handy and place it on your face/head to cool off for a while. You can also carry a cooling face mist if you are not too comfortable with a towel. Afraid of Electricity Bills? Handy Tips to Sleep Well In Summer without the AC.

6. Dip Feet in Cold Water

One of the simple and effective methods to cool down your body temperature is by dipping your feet in cold water. At the end of the day, dip your feet in cold water for a few minutes, and you will observe the change.

These are some of the simple tips and tricks to follow during the heat wave temperature surge. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and keep drinking enough water, you should be good to tackle the heat.

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