Infant Dies of Herpes After Being Kissed By An Infected Relative
Newborn contracts fatal herpes virus from kiss. (Photo Credit: Facebook/ Abigail Rose)

In a heartbreaking incident, a newborn died just eight days after she was born. However, what is even heartbreaking is how the pure soul left us. The parents of the baby are helping people telling their story to spread awareness about how a little bit of negligence killed the little one. The mother, Abigail Rose Friend explains how allowing family and friends to touch and kiss the infant can have disastrous consequences. She warns how these simple things can cost an infant her life. Her daughter Aliza Rose was born healthy, however, later she contracted herpes virus. It is said that she likely contracted the virus via a kiss of an infected person. The devasted mother took to Facebook to share her tragedy. Herpes Virus May Raise Your Risk of Alzheimer's Disease, Says Study.

On Facebook, she posted, “I’m never going to stop sharing the gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, soul-shattering story of our sweet Aliza Rose,” She further continued saying, “She was 8 days old when she passed away. She was born a happy healthy almost 9lb baby. She was healthy for a day and a half before the HSV-1 virus attached to her spine and ate her lungs and brain.”

Here's what Abigail wrote on the post that everyone should read-

"The raw side of life. What is the raw side of life? The raw side of life is watching your child go from perfectly healthy to sick and dying in a matter of hours. The side of life is shown in these pictures, the pain, ugliness, soul-shattering, raw side of life. It’s bullshit and it sucks. Most of these are pictures I’ve never posted because like I said earlier, they make me physically ill to look at these but people need to know and I will never stop sharing our story and loss because I will NOT let her death be in vain and meaningless. She lived and she matters just like every other baby that has lost their lives #DONTKISSTHEBABIES #HSV1 #NeonatalDeathAwareness #NeonatalDeathMatters #TheyLived"

Here's the post we are talking about.

What is the HSV-1 virus?

The infection usually begins with cold sores or blisters on/around the mouth, eye and can lead to infections that can even cause death. Newborns are more prone to it mainly because of their low immunity. Highly communicable with a skin-to-skin contact, this disease can spread really fast. That is the reason, babies should not be kissed or touched without washing your hands.

According to WHO, 'HSV-1 is mainly transmitted by oral-to-oral contact to cause oral herpes infection, via contact with the HSV-1 virus in sores, saliva, and surfaces in or around the mouth. However, HSV-1 can also be transmitted to the genital area through oral-genital contact to cause genital herpes. HSV-1 can be transmitted from oral or skin surfaces that appear normal and when there are no symptoms present. However, the greatest risk of transmission is when there are active sores.'